Acid Betty is the stage name of Jamin Ruhren, a drag performer from Brooklyn, New York. She is one of 12 contestants to compete on the eighth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin

Her drag name simply began as "Acid", and "Betty" came from her love of 1950s pin-up model, Bettie Page.


  • At 37, Acid is season eight's oldest queen.
  • In her "Meet the Queens" video, Acid said she would choose to be best friends with season three winner, Raja, because she is a "bitch".
  • She cites Leigh Bowery as one of her influences.
  • Acid was given what many fans call "the bitch edit" during her run on the show.
  • In her entrance Acid is using a can of smoke as a spray can, as used in Hairspray on Broadway.
  • Acid Betty met Bob The Drag Queen at a New York City party in 2011.
  • At the reunion Acid had a small fight with fellow drag queen Trixie Mattel who said ‘’In Untucked, did you or did you not come for me? I will take my answer after the show in the parking lot''. However it can be speculated this fight was staged due to the similarities between previous fights on the show as well as the wink given after the scene.
  • She appeared on season 5 of Project Runway.
  • He had an alter-ego in 2005 when he was starting drag called "Bitter Betty".[1]


"No need to adjust your TV sets. This acid trip is all real!

Farewell message

"Ladies, you have been touched by fierceness! Now werq it out! - Bob, ♥ you! See jew in new york. - Thorgy you are amazeballz! - Acid Betty [censored] 💋"

On the show

Acid money ball

Acid Betty is often involved in many conflicts/arguments, as shown in the episode Bitch Perfect, when she continually argues with Chi Chi DeVayne, which Thorgy Thor frequently points out.

Betty is often seen stirring drama throughout her run on the show, for example in the episode New Wave Queens, when Team Dragometry (Chi Chi DeVayne, Derrick Barry and Naysha Lopez) are conflicted in their decisions for their group, Acid suggests ideas which are a clear attempt to put them in the bottom.

She came high in the first three challenges of the season and safe in the fourth episode, however during Snatch Game, her impersonation of Nancy Grace fell flat and she had to lip sync for her life. She lost out to Naomi Smalls and was therefore eliminated in eighth place.


  • "No need to adjust your TV sets. This acid trip is all real!" — Upon arrival
  • "Bob is a comedian, which means she tells 300 jokes and four of them are funny."
  • "O M baby Jesus!"
  • "Acid Betty, out!" — Upon elimination
  • "When that bus comes on by, I'm gonna throw her first"
  • "I do freaky drag... the drag scene should not be homogenized, and not everyone should look the same."

Follow Acid Betty

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  5. Acid Betty's Website


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