Alisa Summers was eliminated when Jiggly Caliente won the lipsync over her during the first episode of Season 4. Overall, she came in 13th place.

Memorable Quotes

(During the show)

  • "I'm definitely a fishy queen, I can walk down the street and I can never get clocked! People look at me more so about how big my titties and ass are!"
  • "Baked Potato couture! You look like you're ready to bake at 350!"
  • "They arrested me in drag... in full paint, full body."


  • Alisa is the only Latin queen to come in last place. Naysha Lopez was the second to be eliminated in the first episode, but she was brought back into the competition two episodes later.
  • Her drag name originated from being a massive fan of TLC, with her favorite band member being Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes. Her drag mother, Jocelyn Summers suggested adding an "A" to Lisa. She liked the way Alisa sounded, so she chose that as her drag name, while also using her drag mother's last name. 

Follow Alisa

  1. Alisa Summers' Facebook
  2. Alisa's Myspace

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