Asia with Alyssa Edwards and Sahara Davenport in 2003.

Asia O'Hara is a contestant on the tenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Drag Name Origin

Her first name Asia is taken from a family member with whom she had a strong relationship with when beginning her drag career. Her middle name "Taylor" had previously been used by her; though since competing on RuPaul's Drag Race, Asia no longer adds "T." to her name.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Asia O'Hara
Season Competed Season 10
Ranking: 4th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 4 (ep. 2, 6, 8,11)
Times as Team Captain: 1 (ep. 2)
Main Challenges Won: 2 (ep. 3, 9)
Times in Bottom Two: 1 (ep.8)
Episode Eliminated: Episode 14

Memorable Quotes

  • "Well guys, Texas is back in the house." (Season 10 entrance)
  • "If ever I'm in the bottom I'm gonna say: so did ya'll not- yall don't remember, she h- she was a sponge!? Do y'all not remember miss thing was a sponge?" (about Monét X Change)
  • "Blair Mama, Blair suck dick! I just wanted everybody to know that."
  • "And your talent is in the bottom two" (to Monét X Change)
  • "You hit like a girl, too bad you don't look like one." (to RuPaul)
  • "It's about to be Asia O'Hara's Drag Race! I'm about to own this whole building!"
  • "Team captain? I call foul."
  • "I am just living my tweety bird fantasy."
  • "Where do these keep coming from?" (referencing Monét X Change's sponges in the Werk Room)
  • "Another day, another dollah."
  • "I screwed up all those words!"
  •  *brings drink to mouth* "And then on top of that - *puts down drink* - oh I'm not done! And then on top of that..."


  • Asia is the drag mother of Season 4 and All Stars 2 queen Phi Phi O'Hara.
  • Stated in an interview that her drag mother is Josephine O'Hara, a pageant queen from Texas. Her drag grandmother is Sweet Savage.
  • Asia has won several notable titles in drag pageants.
    • Miss Gay USofA 2007.[1]
    • All American Goddess 2012.[3]
    • Miss Gay America 2016.[4]
  • Asia is related to Trinity Taylor, and sometimes used the name "Asia T O'Hara". The name Taylor comes from the Haus of Taylor, founded by drag father Bob Taylor.
  • Asia is the third queen to take part in the competition with the surname "O'Hara". The first two were Phi Phi O'Hara and Eureka.
  • RuPaul, by accident, slapped her in the face on the mini challenge of Season 10's eighth episode.
  • Asia is the second queen to go off on RuPaul at a reunion, the first being Tammie Brown.
    Rs 640x360-180628194532-RuPauls Drag Race-Grand Finale-5 58 31 PM - 5 58 34 PM-2018-06-28

    Asia's reveal-fail during her Season 10 live finale lip-sync.

  • At the finale, Asia was supposed to have butterflies fly out of her breasts and bracelets, but instead of flying away, the butterflies just fell to the ground, or remained in their hiding spots (Some of them were even dead), resulting in an epic fail for Asia.
    • She is also the first queen to feature live animals during a lip-sync.



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Meet Asia O’Hara Season 10

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Best of Asia O'Hara Season 10

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Asia O'Hara's Season 10 Runway Looks

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