• InterGalaxtic03

    1. All Star Super Queen Variety Show: Ten All Stars compete for $100,000 and a place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame! Their first challenge is a salute to LGBTQ troops in an All Star-Spangled Variety Show!

    2. Stonewall: A Gaymerican Musical: The queens must perform in a historical All Star stage production.

    3. Super Star Snatch Game: The eight remaining queens impersonate celebrities in a new and improved Snatch Game.

    4. Mejor Que Trabajes!: The queens must perform in a telenvola.

    5. Sissy That Walk: The remaining six queens have to create 3 runway looks and werk it in a photoshoot with Mike Ruiz and walk the runway in the streets of LA.

    6. Lipsync For Your Ruvenge: The top 5 queens must one by one go head to head with one of the previously eliminated…

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  • MizJamison


    November 17, 2018 by MizJamison

    I think the winner of AS4 will be Valentina, I can already see by the way the producers are editing, she will go very far. I also think that she will be the villain of the season which I want her to be. Game on bitches.

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  • Phanfanth

    Born Naked - Rupaul

    Kitty Girl - Rupaul (Shangela, Kennedy, Trixie, & Bebe)

    The Beginning - Rupaul (Jinkx, Alaska, & Roxxy)


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  • ParrotEyes
    my last blog post was old as f**k so here we go again!

    █ Green means that it ended up being correct.
    █ Yellow means that it’s up for debate.
    █ Red means incorrect.

    These queens have gaps in their schedules during times of filming, and social media activity alludes to them being on the show.
    These queens are not that likely to make it to the cast, but they have gaps in their schedules during times of filming, and inactive on social media.


    Original Season
    8th Farrah Moan
    Likely Season 9
    10th Gia Gunn
    Likely Season 6
    12th Jasmine Masters
    Possible Season 7
    (Miss Congeniality)
    7th/8th Latrice Royale
    Possible Season 4
    All Stars 1
    7th/8th Manila Luzon
    Likely Season 3
    All Stars 1
    Monét X Change
    Likely Season 10
    8th Monique Hea…

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  • UnisooYamaguchiii

    BenDelaCreme was an All Stars 3 and Season 6 contestant. In AS3 she placed 6th as she eliminated herself. Lets see what would happen if she didn't eliminate herself.

    BenDeLaCreme won the lipsync. The bottom three was Shangela, Bebe and Trixie. Now first off Bebe was a winner, and Shangela is her rival. I feel like she would keep Bebe as a good move because come on, no-ones going to vote for a winner. Shangela is eliminated, placing 6th. She also brings back Morgan as usual.

    Since Shangela is eliminated, BenDeLa takes the role of Actavia now. She is a great actor if you see her skills, and I think she would be able to pull it off. Now for her Red For Filth, I see her using her finale look, or using this image on imgur titleing

    J"Adore show

    The …

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  • UnisooYamaguchiii

    Also, I will be referring to them as she. I am not sure to call them which person. ~Strong Dislike~

    127th: Penny Tration

    Penny Who?

    126th: Kimora Blac

    We know you can't sew for fucks sake.

    125th: Eureka 


    124th: Kalorie Karbdashian Williams

    Forgettable like Penny.

    123rd: Serena Cha Cha

    Hated her at first, but got better over time.

    122nd: Charlie Hides

    Bitch, why the fuck did you audition in the first place if you can't even move from your spot?

    121st: Venus D-Lite

    Known for... Having Shangela deal with glass shards in her back.

    120th: Laganja Estranja

    Arguably the most annoying queen ever on the show. Also had split personalities behind the camera.

    119th: Mystique Summers Madison

    MEHstique Summers MEHdison.

    118th: The Princess

    Very forgettable.

    117th: …

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  • UnisooYamaguchiii

    All items on this list are from my respective opinion. If you are biased on one person in season 10, you may not want to read.

    Reason: I felt that her twerk was lackluster. It ain't a talent gurl, anyone can do that. And before you say she splits into money, Vanjie deathdropped (And possibly lost a heel) her way into my heart. Also, I hate her laugh.

    Reason: I am disgusted with her best drag. She was also very racist/annoying throughout the show.

    Reason: I love her lots, but her look was basic and her performance was tragic. Also should be in all stars 5. Her looks weren't that bad, but she just did worse in her last episode.

    Reason: Never stood a chance against Monet X Change... Poor Dusty.

    Reason: The diamonds were in a tiny part of the costu…

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  • UnisooYamaguchiii

    Contestant Original Season Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8 Week 9 Week 10 Week 11
    Yuhua Hamasaki 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Lashauwn Beyond 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
    Serena Cha Cha 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 ​​​​​​​|11
    Laila McQueen ​​​​​​​|1
    2 3 ​​​|4
    5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    ​​​​​​|Tempest DuJour
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
    Gia Gunn 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    Kelly Mantle 1 2 3 4 5 ​​|6
    7 8
    Jaymes Mansfield 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
    Dax Exclamation Point 1 2 3 4 5 6
    Sasha Belle 1 2 ​​​​​​|3
    4 5
    Vivienne Pinay 1 2 3 4
    Kalorie Karbdashian Williams 1 ​​​​​​|2
    Kimora Blac ​​​​​​​|1
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  • UnisooYamaguchiii


    September 8, 2018 by UnisooYamaguchiii

    Page Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
    Page A 1 2 3
    Page B 1 2 3
    Page C 2 3 4
    Page Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3
    Page A 1 2 3
    Page B 1 2 3
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  • ForeverBoi


    August 3, 2018 by ForeverBoi

    sipping that tea hunty

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  • MizKizzie


    July 25, 2018 by MizKizzie


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  • Bmcd3713
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  • Itsbartbytheway


    July 20, 2018 by Itsbartbytheway

    So, what's up with the Ornacia page??

    There have been several in the past, but somehow they always end up getting deleted. Why?

    Some of the pages have indeed been made with the intention to mock the subject, but what'd be wrong with an actual factually-accurate page? 

    Why does there appear to be an Ornacia-curse?? Just make an accurate page and put a 'vandalism warning' on it.

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  • ParrotEyes

    █ Green means that it ended up being correct.
    █ Yellow means that it’s up for debate.
    █ Red means incorrect.

    These queens have gaps in their schedules during times of filming, and social media activity alludes to them being on the show.
    These queens are not that likely to make it to the cast, but they have gaps in their schedules during times of filming, and inactive on social media.


    Original Season
    8th Farrah Moan
    Likely Season 9
    10th Gia Gunn
    Likely Season 6
    12th Jasmine Masters
    Possible Season 7
    (Miss Congeniality)
    7th/8th Latrice Royale
    Likely Season 4
    All Stars 1
    7th/8th Manila Luzon
    Likely Season 3
    All Stars 1
    Monét X Change
    Likely Season 10
    8th Monique Heart
    Likely Season 10
    Runner-Up Naomi Smalls
    Likely Season 8

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  • UnisooYamaguchiii

    Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
    Naomi Smalls Safe High Safe Safe Safe High High Win High Low Safe BTM2 1st
    Shea Coulee Safe High High Safe Safe High Win High Win Win Win Win 2nd
    Monet X Change Safe Safe Safe Low High Safe Safe Low Safe High Low Safe 3rd
    Trinity Taylor Safe Win Safe BTM2 High Low Safe High Low Safe BTM2 BTM2 4th
    Latrice Royale Safe Safe High Safe Win Safe Safe BTM2 Safe BTM2 ELIM
    Manila Luzon High Low Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe Safe BTM2 ELIM Miss Congeniality


    Monique Heart Low Safe Win Safe BTM2 Win BTM2 Safe ELIM

    Ongina Safe Safe Low Win Safe Safe Low ELIM

    Valentina Win High BTM2 Safe Safe BTM2 ELIM

    Farrah Moan High Safe Safe High Low ELIM

    Jessica Wild BTM2 Safe Safe Safe ELIM

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  • UnisooYamaguchiii

    Getting excited as f*ck for AS4, here is my dream cast with predictions because why not

    1. Shea Coulee Shea

    2. Monet X Change

    3. Manila Luzon

    4. Valentina

    5. Laganja Estranja

    6. Naomi Smalls

    7. Trinity Taylor

    8. Alexis Michelle

    9. Acid Betty

    10. Ivy Winters

    11. Cynthia Lee Fontaine

    12. Jiggly Caliente

    13. Chi Chi DeVayne

    14. Jaymes Mansfield

    Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
    Shea Coulee Shea Safe Win Safe Safe Safe Safe Low High Safe Low BTM2 Low Win 1st
    Monet X Change Safe Safe Safe Win Safe Safe Safe BTM2 Safe Safe Low High Low 2nd
    Naomi Smalls Safe Safe Safe Safe Win High BTM2 Win Safe High Low Win BTM2 3rd
    Valentina Win Safe Low Safe Safe Safe Safe High High Win High BTM3 ELIM

    Trinity Taylor Safe Safe Safe Safe High Low High Safe Win High WIN EL…

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  • Itsbartbytheway

    Okay, so All-Stars 4 will air somewhere in late-2019, and I can't f*cking wait!!!

    Here's my dream cast, as the title suggests:

    1. Shea Couleé Shea, arguably the robbed queen of Season 9, definetely deserves to be on All-Stars. Not only did she slay her original season, she has proven that she is an absolute All-Star outside of the show as well.

    2. Ongina The original man in a dress, Ongina is OG Season 1 royalty! She has been working with WOW a lot lately and has managed to have a carreer a decade after her original season! We can't say that for every s1-queen, can we?

    3. Mariah Balenciaga Mariah too has been working with WOW suspiciously often lately. As Season 3 royalty, she definetely deserves a spot on anyone's AS4-wishlist!

    4. Trinity Taylor

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  • Itsbartbytheway


    June 30, 2018 by Itsbartbytheway

    Mayhem, a drag legend, was a conestant on season 10 of RuPaul's Drag Race.

    Because of her low placement, people who are not familiar with her might not even bat an eye on her. However, she's made appearances in several tv-shows and has even appeared on Buzzfeed's "The Try Guys try Drag for the First Time."

    Despite all this, she still doesn't seem to get a lot of attention from the fandom. (In my own opinion, at least.) She is a queen with a legendary queen with a big heart, and is guaranteed to turn the party when she's on stage.

    Here's hoping she'll be on an All-Stars... ~Bart

    (P.S.: I messed up the title and can't seem to fix it, help someone? :P)

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  • InterGalaxtic03

    From Season 10:

    Miz Cracker                               

    Yuhua Hamasaki

    From Season 9:



    From Season 8:

    Naomi Smalls

    Kim Chi

    From Season 6:

    Adore Delano

    Darriene Lake

    From Season 4:

    Latrice Royale

    From Season 1:



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  • Scarlettfoxx11
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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    This is my Ranking of All 113 Queens of all the completed seasons of RPDR. Keep in mind that this is my opinion.

    I’m gonna say it: I think Valentina is the worst queen on RPDR ever. Now, she did look good, but I personally do not think that Valentina is a good person. Almost a year later, everyone is still mad about her elimination, which I think is one of the most deserved. She tried to wear a MASK over her lips during a LIP-SYNC. And what kind of queen doesn’t step in when her sister is being attacked by her fans?

    The only one who thinks Vivienne Pinay is fishy is Vivienne Pinay, tbh.

    Will someone remind me how she made it so far without really having any semblance of a personality?

    You’d think with a name like that and a challenge win, she’…

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  • Raincloudkween

    Joslyn Fox

    May 2, 2018 by Raincloudkween
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  • MaXxoxo

    Hey Hey Hey put your lighters up! Today I'm going to be discussing some queens I would love to see on the next All Stars(IF IT HAPPENS). Please note that these are my opinions, and not yours. Let us begin!

    The first queen who deserves another chance is Ongina. She was from the "lost season" of drag race, and would be a great addition for viewers who don't know her stellar work. Ongina dominated her season up until elimination, and could be a real threat to the crown. Her main strengths are runway and improv skills, but is very omnipotent in any area! 

    2nd would have to be Jessica Wild. Like Ongina, she was a major frontrunner in her season, and dominated up until elimination. Jessica is polished, knows her silouhette, and is able to perform …

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    So, I decided on a whim to make a running list of the promo themes lmao. Not all of them have official names, so I’ll just be going by some of the unifying traits.

    1. Best Drag (Not sure)
    2. Best Drag (Not sure)
    3. Black, silver, and gold? (Not sure; unifying traits)
    4. Futursitic/Robots (confirmed)
    5. Goddess (Confirmed)
    6. Black, white, purple, pink (Not sure; unifying traits)
    7. Back to Basics (Confirmed)
    8. Retro (Confirmed)
    9. Pop of Color (Confirmed)
    10. Neon (Confirmed)

    1. Blacklight/Neon
    2. Medieval
    3. Gold

    1. Best Drag
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  • Orly V


    March 30, 2018 by Orly V


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  • Joshua123XD

    Drag Race Research

    March 29, 2018 by Joshua123XD

    Hi there, 

    I'm doing a little bit of research on audiences and sexuality,and I've decided to focus on Drag Race. The questionnaire can be found in the link, along with more information. Thank you :)

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  • Lisamartens2000

    Well, well, fuckin well. Hi! I'm Lisa! I'm Aspergers ass fuck so a fair warning! This means I think 5 things at the same time, I think in images and I swear a fucking lot. HI ;). Now I'm fully introduced, let's spill some tea about 4 off my favorite moments and people in Untucked. 

    First go to one off my favorite underrated queens Kennedy.  "After a long night of hooking, trade didn’t like the session so he had gutted me..and set me on fire..but I didn’t die..bitch, I crystalized…and now I’m a Glamazon bitch, ready for the runway" we all know that clip. I began to love Kennedy in untucked. She's generously funny. But girl, that outfit in death becomes her, looked like she just came out off the fryer of the gayest kentucky fried chicken plac…

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    Do I really need to explain why?

    This season is a good season, it’s just got some problems. The average AS placing for this season is 5.5.

    Season 8 is a good season, but it falls short of being great thanks to being the single most predictable season. The average AS ranking for season 8 is 9.

    Season 7 gets kind of a bad rap for how boring it is, but let’s not forget all of the great queens it had like Tempest, Jasmine, MKD, Max, Fame, Trixie, Katya... Pretty much everyone except Sasha Belle and Kandy Ho. Season 7 Alumni might be statistically the best when it comes to AS placements, with the average placing of S7 in queens in All-Stars being 3.

    AS3, like both All-Stars seasons preceding it, had two things going for it before the season began: …

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  • Bobxchange

    Monique was robbed

    March 23, 2018 by Bobxchange

    Monique Heart was robbed this week. That outfit was everything, girl. Ru was like:

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  • Liam9998

    All Stars 3 Grand Final

    March 18, 2018 by Liam9998

    Who thinks that if the bitter twist at the end wasn’t there the winner would of been different 🤔

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  • PinkTheDiva

    All Stars 4 Wishlist

    March 18, 2018 by PinkTheDiva

    Here's my wishlist for All Stars 4:

    • Ongina (5th)

    • Jessica Wild (6th)
    • Mystique (10th)

    • Stacy Layne Matthews (8th)

    • Dida Ritz (6th)
    • Willam (N/A)
      • She's optional but producers probably won't let her.

    • Ivy Winters (7th, Miss Congeniality)
    • Lineysha Sparx (9th)

    • Joslyn Fox (6th)
    • Trinity Kardashian Bonet (7th)
    • Gia Gunn (10th)

    • Pearl (2nd/3rd on S7)

    • Kim Chi and Naomi Smalls (2nd/3rd)
    • Derrick Barry (5th)
    • Acid Betty (8th)
    • Dax ExclamationPoint and Laila McQueen (11th/12th)

    • Peppermint (2nd)
    • Shea Coulee and Trinity Taylor (3rd/4th)
    • Valentina (7th)
    • Eureka (11th)
      • If she wins Season 10, she will be removed from the list. If she doesn't, but ranks in between 10th-2nd place, she'll stay on here.

    These aren't people I want, but they could get on.

    • Rebecca Glasscock (3rd on S1)
    • Sonique (9th o…

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    The following is just some Queens I wanna see return for the next iteration of AS.

    • Porkchop
    • Ongina

    • Jessica Wild
    • Nicole Paige Brooks
    • Mysique

    • Mariah
    • Queen Henny (even though she already won season 1, 2, 3, 4, AS1, 5, 6, 7, 8, AS2, 9, And AS3)

    • LeShawn Beyond
    • Madame LaQueer
    • The Princess
    • Dida Ritz

    • Ivy Winters
    • Honey Mahogany

    • Kelly Mantle
    • Vivacious
    • April Carrión
    • TKB
    • Joslyn Fox
    • Darienne Lake

    • Tempest DuJour
    • Jasmine Masters
    • Mrs. Kasha Davis
    • Max
    • Jaidynn
    • Pearl

    • Laila McQueen
    • Dax!
    • Acid Betty
    • Kim Chi
    • Naomi Smalls

    • Jaymes
    • Farrah
    • Trinity
    • Shea
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  • SeaSkies


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  • GrabALifeVest

    Lord what have I done

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  • Kaiko Rimen

    Kaiko's Drag Race

    March 2, 2018 by Kaiko Rimen

    Are you ready for Drag Race like you've never seen before? Prepare for the first season of Kaiko's Drag Race where fan-favourite queens from RuPaul's Drag Race will compete for another chance at the crown.

    (2 more contestents are left to be ruvealed)

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  • PinkTheDiva

    You know what they say: Third time's the charm! RuPink's back, and better than ever!

    With a BRAND NEW twist that will make you GAG!!!

    The twist is called:

    Winner Winner Lip-Sync!

    Winner Winner Lip-Sync is when the main challenge winner lip-sync against a drag superstar. If the Superstar wins, the Superstar joins the competition, and eliminates another queen. If the contestant wins, the Superstar doesn't join the competition, and the contestant eliminates someone.

    Basically Winner Winner Lip-sync is Lip-Sync Against the Champion and Lip-Sync for Your Legacy combined.

    Season 3 is coming soon, hennies!

    Here are the 14 queens!

    Aquaria, Avril Castle, Bitchita, Evangelista, Lucifer Nightmare, Max, Miku Meow, Miz Cracker, Morgan McMichaels, Munlite, Ongi…

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  • Kaiko Rimen

    RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Dream Stage: Season 3 is a fanmade season and sequel to RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars Dream Stage: Season 2, created by Kaiko Rimen. This season still includes the "Lip Sync Against the Champion" format but also introduces a new "Super Champion".

    This season will start here.

    (Champions will be ruvealed soon)

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  • Mrsfancy

    Drag Race

    February 26, 2018 by Mrsfancy


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  • Chechutielve

    Promo Theme: Comic Book Superheroes
    This season will have 16 queens. These queens entered in alphabetical order.

    Miss Filth
    "Now who the fuck gave you the right to walk down MY runway?!"
    Real Name: Danny McKelvy
    Age: 32 (Born January 11, 1986)
    Hometown: Clarkston, Michigan
    Placement: 16th (Last)
    • Drag mother of previous fan season contestant Lady Darquoise.
    • First did drag as Brunnhilde in a 5th grade reenactment of Ring of the Nibelungs.
      • Her role was unplanned, as the girl that was meant to play Brunnhilde was sick the day the play happened.

    Bakunyu Princess
    (Your graduated queen is back!)
    Real Name: Kaito Hirashima
    Age: 32
    Hometown: Nishinomiya, Hyogo (Japan, Asia)
    Placement: 2nd (Runner-Up)
    • Joined the competition as a prize for winn…

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    So, the first blog’s editor was pretty glitchy. Like, it was pretty hard to do stuff without my OCD side getting in my way. So, I’m forced to create a new blog for ADAS1.

    • Card Receiver: Tori Purge
    • Card Effect: Imminity In next week’s challenge.

    • Mini-challenge: Drag Tag ALL STARS!
    • Mini-Challenge Winner: Sarah Sue
    • Main-Challenge: Create a royalty themed promo look.
    • Winner: Paultergeist
    • High: Glow Stick, Miss Villainous
    • Low: Karen Noodles
    • Bottom 2: Pink Princess, Ima Cikyerbut
    • Theme: Bodysuit Realness
    • Song: Applause (Lady Gaga)
    • Out: Ima Cikyerbut
    • Card Receiver: Carangia
    • Card Effect: Deciding which of next week’s bottom two goes home.

    • Mini-challenge: Clock that phrase!
    • Winner: Pink Princess
    • Main Challenge: Wheel of Fishin’!
    • Winner: Pink Princess
    • High: Karen Nood…

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  • PinkTheDiva

    The winner will receive a SICKENING year's supply of NYX cosmetics, the title of America's Next Throned Princess, and $1,000,000!








    Entered in episode 7

    Queen Picture Real Name Age Hometown
    Maddelynn Hattie
    Carlos Palmer 16 Oakland, CA
    Blues Trisha
    Raplh Debnam 25 Reno, NV
    The Golden Dame
    Johnnie Dablinger 22 London, UK
    Darius "D.J." Pierce 36 Paris, TX
    Marilyn Darling
    Mark Salingson 23 Lewiston, ME
    Yuhua Hamasaki
    Yuhua Ou 27 New York City, NY
    Mozambique Changex
    Thomas Ramirez 23 Miami, FL
    Miss Tropicao
    Otavio Martins 38 Porto Alegre, Brazil
    Eric Swanson 26 New York City, NY
    Ashley Evans
    Evan Winters 26 Syracuse, NY

    (was Newark, NJ)

    Ryan Swells
    Ryan Swells 32 Orlando, FL
    Cupcake Princess
    Danny Forgettio 11 Portland, ME

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  • FalcoLombardi99

    DragRula 6

    February 22, 2018 by FalcoLombardi99

    With the success of DragRula, a 6th season had to be made. Hosted by RuPaul and the Boulets and judged by Mashiro Harajuku, JAJA, Joker, Laverne Shirley, Red X, Quinn, Harley Michelle, Ravyn Blackfire and Vanessa Mateo.


    (Ages and names stated are during time of contest)

    Episode 7
    Octopussy Jarrod Mysers
    Sally Storm Vincent Bell
    38 13th LOW LOW LOW ELIM
    Gattino Julio Giovanni
    Deadstriker John Buoyard
    PENGUIN Omoshi Clajuku
    Khaeng Mario Giovanni
    Natalia Rose Nicholas Rose
    29 12th BTM2 BTM2 BTM2 BTM2 ELIM
    Gothitelle Gina Ross
    57 TBA HIGH…

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  • PinkTheDiva

    Really Queens?

    February 22, 2018 by PinkTheDiva

    Maddelynn Hattie and Krazy Kattie dish it on ALL the queens you can think of.

    These episodes will contain DIALOGUE!!!

    M = Maddelynn Hattie and K = Krazy Kattie

    L = Maddelynn Hattie and Krazy Kattie

    In honor of the first season, Maddelynn and Kattie will roast ALL of the first-eliminated queens.

    This episode is about Deadbar B., the first-eliminated from Pink's DRAGULA season 1.

    M: Hi. We're the Wacko sisters. I'm Hattie-- K: --and I'm Kattie! L: Together, we will read any queen, you name it! L: We just have one thing to say. Really Queens?

    M: In this episode, we will talk about the first-eliminated queen from Pink's DRAGULA season 1: Deadbar B! K: Oh,sister. This monster was 'AYAYAYAYAYAYAY-- M. Um, why are you screaming so F*CKIN' CRAZY! K: Ugh,…

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  • PinkTheDiva

    Girls of Gotham

    February 22, 2018 by PinkTheDiva

    This is the series all about the Haus of Gotham, and what they REALLY do in their life.

    In this episode, we meet Lady Katana, Harley Michelle, Quinn, Joker, and Maddelynn Hattie, half of the glorious Haus of Gotham.

    In this episode, we meet Khaeng, Gattino, Krazy Kattie, Deadstriker, and PENGUIN, the other half of the glorious Haus of Gotham.

    In this episode, Lady Katana and Quinn talk about the many, many, MANY crowns they've snatched.

    Quote of the week: Quinn, saying "I should know. I have 2 CROWNS!!!"

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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    Hieeee! To celebrate season three being so hyped up, you guys get a special All Stars season! 20 Queens (six from each season, plus two fan-submitted queens) are returning to take a crown bigger than the one they initially competed for!

    • Pink Princess (20th Place)
    • Paultergeist (18th Place)
    • Sarah Sue (13th Place)
    • Norma Lee Rogers (12th Place)
    • Lezbi N. (4th Place)
    • Ima Cikyerbut (2nd Place)

    • Cassandra Smith (14th Place)
    • Glamoura (13th Place)
    • The Fish (9th)
    • Sashay Wilson (7th)
    • Susan (5th)
    • Xanax (3rd)

    • Tori Purge (18th)
    • Dolly (16th)
    • Karen Noodles (10th)
    • Karli Wiggins (8th)
    • Miranda Hedges (5th)
    • Glow Stick (4th)

    • Miss Villainous (FalcoLombardi99)
    • Carangia (PinkTheDiva)

    This season, a random queen will be given a special card with an advantage or disadvantage on it after …

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  • PinkTheDiva

    This is the ALL STARS of DRAGULA!!!

    The winner will receive $500,000, a covenant spot in the DRAGULA Hall of Freaky Fame, and the title of America's First Fake Drag Mon-STAR.

    The top 2 lip-sync for their legacy, and the winner gets $5,000 and chooses the bottom 2. Then the past winners (Lady Slaughter, Quinn, Lady Katana, and Red X) vote for who goes home. I will be the tiebreaker, if needed.

    Before I RuVeal 11 of the 12 monsters competing again, I'm having a fan-voted monster join!


    Season 1

    Ivy Death


    Kikenna Monsta


    Sugar Skully


    Season 2

    James Majesty


    Kimora Blac


    Robyn Starfire


    Sharon Needles


    Season 3

    Jazmine The Killer


    Krazy Kattie


    Nicki Meannie




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  • FalcoLombardi99

    Here are the shows staring the fake queens of DragRula, Pink's Dragula, etc.

    • UNHhhh with Red X and Quinn
    • Girls of Gotham
    • Queen Titans
    • Fashion Photo DragRuview
    • Fake Queens React
    • The Shade Tree





    Episode 1: Sailor Moon (Quinn, Red X, Dahli,  Shea Coulee, Raja, Raven, Harley Michelle, Alaska, Kaylie Perry, Witness Reputation and Marina Del Rey)


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  • Lethargic Yuki Co.

    Hallello, hennies and hunties! It’s the Grande Finale of the third season of Andromeda’s Dragtacular! And for the first time ever, the episode will have complete dialogue!

    Andromeda: Kon’nichiwa, min’na! Watashi wa Andromeda, desu! RuPaul-sama no DRAG DAUGHTER! Roku-jū no queen wo shōkai shimasu. Starting with... PINK PRINCESS, 20th Place, Season 1!

    Pink Princess: It’s great to be back for another finale! YEAH!

    Andromeda: You’re the original loser! How does that feel?

    Pink Princess: It feels fine, cuz Pink Princess is gonna win the first All Stars season!

    Andromeda: Yeah, sure, whatever, raggedy bitch. NEXT! We have Amelia Airtight! Ranked nineteenth in season one!

    Amelia: Hey, girl, hey!

    Andromeda: You’re forgettable cannon fodder. How does that…

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  • Zenpu

    My sisters dream season

    February 19, 2018 by Zenpu

    Rank Contestant Photo Age Ep.
    1 Ep.
    2 Ep.
    3 Ep.
    4 Ep.
    5 Ep.
    6 Ep.
    TBA Aja
    23 WIN
    TBA Manila Luzon
    28 HIGH
    TBA Pearl
    23 HIGH
    TBA Trinity Taylor
    31 SAFE
    TBA Trinity K. Bonet
    22 SAFE
    TBA Ginger Minj
    29 SAFE
    TBA Latrice Royale
    39 LOW
    TBA [[
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  • Zenpu


    February 18, 2018 by Zenpu

    Rank Contestant Photo Age Ep.
    1 Ep.
    2 Ep.
    3 Ep.
    4 Ep.
    5 Ep.
    6 Ep.
    7 Ep.
    8 Ep.
    TBA Shea Couleé
    TBA Gia Gunn
    TBA Kimora Blac
    TBA Jujubee
    TBA Max
    TBA Naomi Smalls
    TBA Ivy Winters
    8/9th Joslyn Fox
    8/9th Willam
    10th Lineysha Sparx
    29 SAFE ELIM

    11th Yara Sofia



    This week the queens had camp in the forest in drag. When the queens come back they have to be as unharmed as possible. If you brought makeup that is considered cheating except for the products you grab in the mini challenge.. When the queens came back Naomi and Yara did not return they had a fight! Naomi sent her army of squirrels to eat Y…

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