The Heathers is a clique formed by the Season 3 contestants Delta WorkCarmen CarreraManila Luzon and Raja. They claimed that a Heather would win the contest and by the end of the drag race, Raja was crowned the winner.

About the Heathers

At the start of the season it is revealed that Raja and Delta are very close friends. During the following episodes, Manila and Carmen are shown to have gotten close (and even winning a Mini-Challenge together). As the show progresses, the four are seen to have clicked. 

Initally labeled as 'The Clique' by fellow queen Stacy Layne Matthews, the four stuck to it and labeled theirselves as The Heathers, basing it from the 1980s film of the same name. 

They claimed to be the Top 4 girls, but Carmen and Delta did not make it. However, it was Manila and Raja who lip-synched for the title of Americas Next Drag Superstar.

Post Drag Race

The Heathers remained to be very close. During Raja's Absolute-Logo Tour, they did acts together. In one of Raja's shows, the Heathers made an appearance with Season 2 contestant Raven. Raja introduced Raven as part of the Heathers, with Raven stating that she was Veronica (the 5th member [Veronica was the fourth member]), who ended up killing one of the Heathers.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3


Episode 2: The Queen Who Mopped Christmas

It is stated that Carmen and Manila have previously met because of work in NYC, Raja and Delta treat each other as family. Both Manila and Raja received the highest scores, while Delta and Carmen were both safe. Raja wins all of the mini-challenge. Manila gets praised for her Louis Vuitton-esque Christmas outfit

Episode 3: Queens in Outerspace

For Ru's Mini-Challenge, Manila/Carmen & Raja/Delta are paired up. Phoenix, who won the mini-challenge alongside Mariah picked all of the Heathers to be in her group. In From Earth to Uranus, Phoenix assigned Raja to play Hermaphrodite, Manila as the Tweaker, Delta as Booberella and Carmen as one of the Twinbots. With Mariah's trailer being better, everyone in Phoenix's group is up for elimination. When asked by Ru, all four of them agree that Phoenix deserved to go home.

Episode 4: Totally Leotarded

The Queens were asked to create fashion in leotards, using duct-tape. Manila and Carmen pair up and wins the challenge. As team leaders, Manila who won the coin toss picks Raja first. Carmen then picks Delta. At the runway presentation, the four are declared safe.

Episode 5: QNN News

The girls were given the task to create disastrous runway looks. Carmen, as one of the winners, picks the other 3. Carmen assigns Raja and Delta to be the Anchors, herself as the Gossip Girl and Manila as the Roving Reporter. Manila wins the main-challenge, while Carmen, Delta and Raja were declared safe.

Episode 6: The Snatch Game

Delta wins the mini-challenge, but opts to give her phone call to Shangela. The group was then asked to impersonate celebrities in RuPaul's Snatch Game. In this episode, Stacy refers to them as 'The Clique', while they are seen talking about how shady Shangela's Tina Turner is.

Raja Tyra Banks
Manila Imelda Marcos
Carmen Jennifer Lopez
Delta Cher

Raja was declared as one of the top 3, Manila & Carmen safe, and Delta in the bottom two. Raja expresses who she wouldn't want to see Delta go. Delta lip-synched against Mariah. Delta was asked to Chante.

In Untucked, the Heathers appear to have gotten close (although the Heathers were not born yet). With Shangela coming after Raja and Manila's Celebrity Impressions, Raja pulls aside the other 3. Later, they spy on the other girls, listening behind the Interior Illusions Lounge door. 

Episode 7: Face, Face, Face of Cakes

At the beginning of the episode, the contestants are asked to do a nude, tasteful photo shoot. This is the episode where the Heathers are formed (despite the implications of their new found friendship in the previous episode). They think Shangela does not deserve to be in the competition, seeing that Shangela had a hard time doing her own make-up and sewing. Carmen wins the nude photo challenge and gets to pick which cake the queen will have to design a dress for. Carmen gives Manila the carrot cake, Raja the choco lava cake, Delta the angel food cake and keeps the princess cake for herself.

For the runway challenge, Manila, Raja and Delta receive high marks, while Carmen received low feedback (but was not in the bottom two). Raja won the main challenge.

On stage, when asked who deserved to go home, the Heathers expresses their thoughts on how Shangela and Stacy deserved to go home.

Delta, Carmen, Raja and Manila form the Heathers, and refers to the remaining girls as the Boogers.

In Untucked, they have a heated arguement with Shangela. 

Episode 8: Ru Ha Ha

Manila and Delta were both in the bottom. With Manila being better than Delta, Delta was asked to Sashay Away.

Delta's Farewell Message: "WORK HEATHERS xoxo Delta"

Delta states that she was glad she lost to a Heather.

Episode 9: Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Style.

With one of the Heathers down, the three remaining girls continue to remain close. In a special footage in the RuPaul-Recap episode, Raja is seen with Manila and Carmen as she questions them about why they have soft-men voices. 

Carmen lands in the bottom two, but is asked to stay. Nobody was eliminated.

Episode 10: RuPaul-a-Palooza

Carmen is sent home.

Carmen's Farewell Message: "Heathers better win"

Episode 11: RuPaul's Hair Extravaganza

In this episode, both Manila and Raja were praised for stunning runway looks. In Untucked, Manila and Raja isolated themselves at the Gold Bar, and were talking about how unprofessional Shangela is. Manila tells Raja that she would be devastated to see her getting into an airport when she wins. Manila also points out how old Raja is, and Raja playfully insults Manila back.

Shangela is eliminated in this episode.

RuPaul announces that a Queen will be sent back in if the judges will be able to make a unanimous decision.

Episode 12: Jocks in Frocks

It is revealed that the judges picked Carmen Carrera to return to the competition. The girls are then asked to make-over a jock and turn them into their Drag Sister. Alexis Mateo, who won the mini-challenge, gets to assign the girls their jocks. She purposely gives the Heathers the most masculine looking jocks.

Unknown to Alexis, the jock assigned to Manila was the best choice. They were asked to perform Safe Sex cheer-routines and they had to walk the runway with their drag sister.

Manila and her drag sister Fuschia won the challenge. Raja and Carmen were in the bottom 2 for failing to turn their jocks into Drag Queens. They lip-synched to Paula Abdul's Straight Up. Raja began to strip off her dress, which caused Carmen to take off her skirt. Despite both of them performing a wonderful lip-synch, Raja was asked to stay and Carmen was eliminated, again.

The Reunion

In the Reunion Episode, the Queens brought up the Heather-Booger issue. Half of the Boogers were offended with the Heathers looking down at them. When Raja and Manila were called in, the four of them are seen with a 'Heathers' Necklace. Raja defends the Heathers, and states that as the show progressed, she didn't care about the whole Boogers thing. She thought that the Heathers were her 3-friends where she felt safe. When Stacy tells them about how she felt, Raja gives Stacy her own Heathers necklace. 

The Heathers are now written in the Drag Race history. They are some of the most controversial Queens on RuPaul's Drag Race. 
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The Heathers Necklace



The Heathers photo shoot with Traver Rains

The Heathers photo shoot with Traver Rains

Raja and the Heathers

Raja and the Heathers