Courtney Act is the stage name of Shane Jenek, an Australian drag performer, reality TV show contestant and singer. Jenek is well known for being a contestant on Season 1 of Australian Idol in 2003 and on Season 6 of RuPaul's Drag Race in 2014.


Shane Gilberto Jenek was born in Brisbane, Australia to Gill Jenek and Annette Jenek. He has two siblings. He attended Sandgate District High School. Later moving to Sydney at the age of 18. Initially, Jenek had gone to audition for theater schools, but found himself in a year long contract with Nickolodeon as a movie night host. After the contract expired, he came up with the concept of a drag queen selling candy at nightclubs as a means of making money. Unable to find a performer who was fit for the job, Jenek created the Courtney Act identity.

In 2003, Jenek auditioned for the first season of Australian Idol with not much success. He came back the next day and auditioned as Courtney Act, his drag alter ego. He made it through to the next rounds. Courtney Act was considered to be "strangely, the sexiest woman on the show" and became a semi-finalist on Australian Idol and was the third singer of the competition to release an official solo single. The single, "Rub Me Wrong", was released in 2004, which peaked at #79 on the ARIA Singles Chart.

During Jenek's 20s, he struggled with both an unresolved anxiety disorder as well as with his gender identity. Ultimately, Jenek began to identify as gender-fluid and viewing his identity as Courtney as an extension of himself. Jenek also became a vegan during these years.

In December 2013, Logo announced that Courtney Act was amongst 14 drag queens who would be competing on the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.

Recently, she is seen working with season 4 contestant, Willam Belli and season 5 runner up Alaska and released 2 songs "American Apparel Ad Girls" and "Dear Santa, Bring Me a Man"

Still with Alaska and Willam, she also appears on the videoclip of the song "Power" by Little Mix.

As of January 2018, she is currently competing in series 21 of Celebrity Big Brother UK.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Season 6

                Courtney Act

Season Competed: Season 6
Ranking: 2nd & 3rd (Runner-Up)
Mini-Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Main Challenges Won: 2 (ep. 4, ep. 9)
Times in Bottom Two: 0
Episode Eliminated: 14

Courtney won the main challenge on Episode 4 "Shade The Rusical". On Episode 6, RuPaul told Courtney to "turn it up" since she was "resting on pretty", a comment on which Act felt offended by, since he considered other queens in the competition to be "resting on ugly".

He won her second main challenge during the 'Talk Show' challenge where he interviewed singer Georgia Holt (The mother of Cher) and her grandson Chaz Bono. Chaz showed a lot of interest in Courtney announcing that he was comfortable enough in his heterosexuality to say that he liked Australian women.

Courtney, along with fellow contestant Bianca Del Rio both went on to place in the top 3 without ever placing in the bottom 2 on any episode. The first time two contestants have accomplished this feat during the same season. Although Courtney did not win the competition, she did place as a runner-up with fellow contestant Adore Delano, who coincidentally was also a former "Idol" contestant.


  • I don't do dairy, but for Milk I'll make an exception
  • I was a runner up of the first season of Australian Idol
  • Is this America's next top model? Sorry...
  • Courtney... First time, every time.
  • My voice is really high I could be lying?
  • I can look good, I can sing good, I can dance good.
  • Sewing is not my forte but... everything else is.
  • (response to being asked if Bianca Del Rio was pretty) In her own unique way, so no.


  • Courtney has webbed toes.
  • She loves Vegemite.
  • When Courtney has to wake up really early for an event/interview, she keeps 1 or 2 squares of dark chocolate beside her bed to motivate her to get up.
  • Her and fellow drag queen Vanity Faire own 'Wigs By Vanity', who make high quality lace front wigs.
  • Courtney is one of the four runners-up who never placed in the bottom two, along with Nina Flowers, Alaska and Kim Chi, unlike them, however, the winner of her season also never placed in the bottom two.
  • Courtney is competing on the 21st season of Celebrity Big Brother (UK)


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