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Delta Work (Gabriel Villarreal) is a professional drag queen and performer from Norwalk, California.

Delta Work competed on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3, where she was eliminated episode 8, placing 7th in the overall competition.

Delta Work was a member of the Heathers clique along with Raja, Manila Luzon and Carmen Carrera. She was known on the show for her frank attitude, sarcastic humor, and upfront sass.

Since Season 9, Gabriel has been doing Ru's hair.

Drag Name Origin

A local bar where she used to go watch the queens were doing a ‘Ladies of the 80s’ night, and they were trying to do the ladies from Designing Women. There was nobody that could do Delta Burke’s character Suzanne Sugarbaker, because they didn’t have a big girl. So she did and the queens said that she totally looked like Delta Burke. Then one queen said, “You better work Delta! Screw Delta Burke! You’re Delta Work!” She considers Raja as one of her drag mothers, as she knew her prior to joining the show.


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