The Drag Race Hall of Fame is a collection of queens consisting of RuPaul and the winner of each season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars. Queens in the Drag Race Hall of Fame are considered to be the "best of the best" by the show's standards, having exhibited the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent necessary to win the show in seasons with an above-average level of talent and competition.

A spot in the Hall of Fame receives billing as one of the season's prizes in the intro, alongside any monetary of physical prizes the winner may receive.

Drag Race Hall of Fame


  • The Hall of Fame has taken three different forms over the course of the three All Stars seasons:
    • In All Stars 1, the Hall of Fame was a physical wall with a large portrait of RuPaul next to a portarit of a question mark (representing the then-uncrowned winner of AS1). Surrounding these two were several smaller photos of each queen competing on the season. As each queen was eliminated, they would take their photo down from the wall to symbolize being out of the running for a spot in the Hall.
    • In All Stars 2, the Hall of Fame was a computer generated image of a lavish museum, centered on a portrait of RuPaul, a portait of All Stars 1 winner Chad Michaels, and a portrait of a question mark. In the final episode of the season, the Hall changed to show winner Alaska in the final portrait.
    • In All Stars 3, the Hall of Fame was a computer generated image of a pink wall with three portraits: one of Chad Michaels, one of Alaska, and one of a question mark. This was the first time RuPaul did not appear in the Hall of Fame alongside the winners. In the final episode of the season, the question mark portrait wiped away to reveal a picture of Trixie Matell, symbolizing her joining the Hall of Fame.
  • The opening credits of All Stars 1 featured a short segment of all the queens competing on the season gesturing to the wall featuring the portraits.
    • Upon closer inspection, one may notice that Pandora Boxx is missing from the lineup of queens. This is due to the fact that she and Mimi Imfurst had already been eliminated by the time the intro segment was filmed, and Pandora had already flown home. Mimi, who lived in LA at the time, was able to come back to the studio and film the segment.
  • As part of a gag in the opening credits of All Stars 2, Chad Michaels, winner of All Stars 1, appeared inside the Hall of Fame performing various activities in each episode. At the end of the season's reunion, Alaska is teleported into the Hall alongside Chad, and can be heard asking "Chad, do you ever get lonely in here?" as the episode ends.
  • During the opening credits of the All Stars 3 premire, instead of pictures of their promo looks for the All Stars season Chad Michaels and Alaska wore handmaids outfits inspired by the novel and TV show The Handsmaid's Tale