Jessica Wild (José David Sierra) is a Puerto Rican drag queen, dancer, choreographer, makeup artist and singer from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Jessica Wild was known for her fashion on the runway, her makeup skills, her hair styling, and her sweetness and charm that she brought to the show.


Jessica Wild's elimination was one of the most heartfelt and controversial throughout Season 2.

Jessica was eliminated on the seventh episode.

The Main Challenge was to create a book/autobiography about themselves, present the book and the Absolut Berri Acai cocktail in a satellite interview and on the main stage.

First of all, Jessica had frustrations in the photoshoot for the book cover. Jessica was unsure of how to pose for the cover, she didn't know how to portray her essence from the photoshoot into the biography she wrote. The photographers said "She came in defeated. If you come in defeated, then you are defeated." Jessica Wild was critiqued for having faulty timing in the interview, mentioned her book too late and raved a little too much about the Berry Acai cocktail. Absolut's Jeffery Moran said Jessica's Interview was "a little sloppy." Also, Jessica's book cover, "Dreams of a Golden Child" was critiqued to have looked too childish. Santino said "It looks like a cover that a 9 year old girl would buy."

Jessica Wild's english barrier played a small factor in Jessica Wild's status in the bottom two because she was made fun of for saying what appeared to be "Dreams of a Golden Shower" when it was really stated as "Dreams of a Golden Child."

So, Jessica Wild fell into the bottom two alongside her good friend and fellow contestant, Tatianna. Jessica's dance style was too over the top for the song that was chosen, "He's the Greatest Dancer". So Tatianna got to stay another week, while Jessica sashayed away.

Drag Name Origin

She wanted a name that is sexy and easy to remember. Jessica is the name of one of her best friends in high school and she thinks is a sexy name. Wild is used to describe her character’s personality and performance. She said, “I am a shy guy and I am wild on stage.”

Memorable Quotes

  • "My biggest fear in the competition is, with my English, but if I don't understand something I am going to smile."
  • "It's the first time I'm going to walk the runway, so there's a lot of great emotions." - Episode 1
  • "Pleeeaaase, I need Money!" "Please help me" - From Episode 2 on the streets, selling cherry pie gift certificates.
  • "Put some crispy in your Cock-a-doodle-do, with Disco Extra Greasy Shortening! Wooooo!"
  • "If I have the opportunity, I am going to call my mom, because she is more than just a mom, she's my best friend."
  • "If I have the opportunity to marry Jessica Wild I am going to be happy!"
  • "The name is Jessica Wild, the dreams of a Golden Child."
  • "I love that drink!"


Since appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race, Wild appeared in a music video for popular reggaeton band Calle 13 and fielded offers to record a dance techno music album. He has performed lived with Puerto Rican rock band, Rebeldia.

In January 2011, Wild (in collaboration with DJ Ranny) released his first dance single "You Like it Wild" which is available for purchase via iTunes and many commercial music sites. The single debuted at number forty-two on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs before peaking at number thirty. In addition, he recorded a duet with Mexican singer Fedro entitled "Maquillaje" which is part of the singer's new album. He has also performed on stage with Mexican singer, Gloria Trevi.


  • In 1997, José became part of BAILOS dance company
  • in 1998, José became part of the dancers of the Puerto Rican hit TV show, EL SUPER SHOW.
  • Had a hit live concert in 2001 called Sobrevivire at El Teatro club in Santurce, Puerto Rico. It made her well known throughout Puerto Rico.
  • Was chosen for RuPaul's Drag Race in an online casting competition voted by the fans.
  • Jessica Wild appeared in a music video for the popular reggae band Calle 13
  • Jessica realeased one single called "You Like It Wild", available on iTunes and Amazon.
  • While not in drag, Jessica works as a makeup artist.
  • Jessica Wild now resides in Boston, Massachusetts with her good fellow contestant, Jujubee.
  • Jessica Wild was the first queen to impersonate a male in the Snatch Game, the male in question being RuPaul himself.

Follow Jessica Wild

  1. Jessica's Official Website (Website closed)
  2. Jessica's Facebook
  3. Jessica's Twitter

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