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Katya and Kasha's Conjoined Twin Look

Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova, or Katya Zamolodchikova (Екатерина Петровна Замолодчикова), or simply Katya, is the stage name of Brian McCook. She was a contestant on the seventh season and All Stars 2 of RuPaul's Drag Race. She finished fifth in her initial run, but was later voted "Miss Congeniality" by fans in the reunited special. She returned for All Stars 2, where she and Detox ended up as runners-up to winner Alaska.

Katya was one of the breakout stars of Season 7, and alongside Trixie Mattel hosted the YouTube show UNHhhh on WOWPresents, followed by The Trixie & Katya Show on Viceland.

Statistics Season 7 All Stars 2
Placement 5th Place Runner-Up
Main Challenges Won 2 3
Mini Challenges Won 1 0
Times in Bottom 2 2
Episode Eliminated Episode 11 Episode 8
Katya Zamolodchikova and Trixie Mattel filming UNHhhh

Katya sharing a tender moment with Trixie during an episode of UNHhhhh


Season 7

"Давай cезон семь! (C'mon season seven!)".

All Stars 2

"Счастливые голодные игры! Суки!".

"(Happy Hungry Games! Bitches!)" (sic)

Name Origin


Katya’s “full name” is Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova. Katya has confirmed that "Zamolodchikova" comes from Russian gymnast Elena Zamolodchikova's last name, however, "Yekaterina" is just "Catherine" in Russian, and "Petrovna" is a middle name you would be given if your father's name is Peter.

Her last name "Zamolodchikova" was dropped from the show, and she was mononymously referred to as "Katya". This follows a succession of past contestants such as Detox Icunt, Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, and Willam Belli.

Prior to Drag Race back in Boston she used to perform Russian numbers under the Katya alias while using the name Katie Homophobia to perform pop numbers. This stopped before the filming of season 7.

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7

In Episode 1: "Born Naked", the challenge was to create a nude illusion look with a resort style tearaway for the runway. Katya wore a "Russian red, hippie realness" tearaway and infamously bent over on the runway and showed the judges her asshole. Katya was declared safe from elimination.

Katya vs Sasha - "Twist of Fate" - Olivia Newton-John

Katya vs Sasha - "Twist of Fate" - Olivia Newton-John

In Episode 2: "Glamazonian Airways", after winning the mini-challenge, Trixie Mattel chose Katya to join her team. For the main challenge, they had to perform and lip-sync a mash-up of spoken word and song for a pre-flight safety video for Glamazonian Airways. After forgetting her words in the opening monologue of the routine, Katya fell into the bottom two, despite a commended runway look. She lip-synced against Sasha Belle, and subsequently sent her home.

Katya bearded runway

In Episode 3: "ShakesQueer", the queens had to act out versions of Shakespeare's literary classics. Katya was assigned to Kennedy Davenport's team and they had to perform "MacBitch", a spoof of Macbeth. Katya was given the role of Mary MacBitch. After a disastrous rehearsal, RuPaul told them that he had never seen a bigger car crash in all seven seasons of Drag Race, and that he expected a vast improvement in the final performance, but that wasn't the case. For the runway, the queens were asked to be "Bearded and Beautiful", walking the runway with beards. Katya delivered a humorous Abraham Lincoln inspired beard and outfit. She was declared safe from elimination.

"Tan With You" ft

"Tan With You" ft. Trixie Mattel, Miss Fame, Pearl and Katya RuPaul's Drag Race S7

In Episode 4: "Spoof! (There It Is)", for the main challenge, the queens were tasked with creating parody music videos for a song in RuPaul's discography. Despite being eager to work together, the team of Katya, Miss Fame, Pearl and Trixie struggled to come up with a concept for their spoof of "Dance with U", and after bickering amongst each other, decided to go with Trixie's idea of "Tan with U". This week's runway brief was "green". Despite rocky performances from the queens in "Tan with U", Katya was praised for holding the group together and being genuinely funny. She placed high that week.

Katya DESPY Awards

Katya accepting her "Meatiest Tuck" award

In Episode 5: "The DESPY Awards", in a red carpet inspired mini-challenge, Katya wore an interpretation of Björk's infamous Swan dress. For this week's maxi challenge, the queens took part in the first edition of the DESPY Awards. As the winners of the mini challenge, Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis did not present an award, and instead acted as co-hosts for the ceremony. Katya was nominated for "Meatiest Tuck" which she won, and also had to give an acceptance speech for. She was praised for her witty performance as a host, but criticized for her outfit. She was declared safe.

Katya death runway

In Episode 6: "Ru Hollywood Stories", for the main challenge the queens had to act out RuPaul's, Michelle Visage's, and Merle Ginsberg's, version of events in "Whatever happened to Merle Ginsberg?". Katya played Merle in Merle Ginsberg's recollection, which was universally praised by the judges. Katya went on to win this week's challenge; her first challenge win in the season.

Katya Snatch Game

Katya as Suze Orman in Snatch Game

In Episode 7: "Snatch Game", Katya portrayed financial advisor Suze Orman, which was highly praised by the judges. For the runway look, the queens had to wear "Leather & Lace". Her runway look was also highly praised, and overall Katya placed high this week.

In Episode 8: "Conjoined Queens", all of the past eliminated queens from the season came back and were paired up with the competing queens. Together they had to create a conjoined twin look on the runway, and whichever team won, the eliminated queen could enter back into the race. Katya was assigned with Mrs. Kasha Davis and served a drunken sisters style look on the runway. It was highly praised by the judges, and Katya was placed high that week.

In Episode 9: "Divine Inspiration", for the main challenge the queens had to act and perform in three Divine inspired comedy spoof sketches. Katya was paired with Kennedy Davenport, and together they acted in "Cha Cha Heels" a parody of Female Trouble. Their performance was commended by the judges and together they placed high this week.

Katya dance runway

In Episode 10: "Prancing Queens", the queens had to pair-up and perform in a Dancing with Stars style live drag spectacular. Katya's dancing partner was Violet Chachki, and together they danced a mash-up of Tango and Vogue. Their performance was praised for being in sync, stylish and glamorous. For the runway, the queens had to give a dance half and half look based on their dance types, one side male and the other female. Katya and Violet both won this week's challenge, giving Katya her second win in the competition.

Katya Hello Kitty runway

Katya's Russian inspired Hello Kitty BFF

In Episode 11: "Hello, Kitty Girls!" for the main challenge, the queens had to create a Hello Kitty inspired runway look, and create a new character to be Hello Kitty's new BFF. Both of Katya's runway looks garnered a lukewarm response from the judges, and she found herself in the bottom two against Kennedy Davenport. After a memorable lip-sync, RuPaul decided that Kennedy should be saved, and Katya was sent home.

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 2

Tumblr ocpitoLyVp1s9lni1o1 400

Katya's gymnastic number


Katya's reaction to finding out that the queens have to eliminate eachother

In Episode 1: Katya was the first queen to enter the workroom for the second time. Their first mini challenge of the season was the iconic Reading Is Fundamental challenge where she lost the mini challenge to Alaska. For the all stars talent show, Katya decided to do a gymnastics number. After the show, RuPaul announced that it was true that she wasn't going to eliminate a queen. But that the queens would have to eliminate each other. She was deemed safe from critiques along with Detox and Alyssa Edwards.
Katya as Bjork

Katya's portrayal as Björk in Snatch Game

In Episode 2: The maxi challenge was Snatch Game. As the queens were preparing their characters, Adore Delano decided to leave the competition voluntarily and all the remaining queens gave Adore a hug while trying not to smudge their makeup. Katya portrayed Björk in Snatch Game and was deemed top 2 along with Alaska because of their funny impersonations. Katya lost the lip sync for her legacy to Alaska and was safe from elimination. and joined the rest of the girls at the back of the stage.

In Episode 3: After the last episode, It was revealed that Katya would have chosen Tatianna to go home because she didn't do well in the challenge. The main challenge was to perform a lip sync number of historical women. Katya was chosen to be Princess Diana. Katya has expressed fear in the challenge because in Season 7 Episode 2, she was in the bottom for a challenge with a lip sync number. Katya's performance was deemed monotoned, and her runway outfit for the future of drag was said to have her covered up. She was in the bottom 2 along with her friend and fellow Season 7 competitor Ginger Minj. In the end, Alyssa and Detox lip synced for their legacy with Alyssa winning. When Katya and Ginger were called to the front of the stage, It was revealed that Alyssa chose to keep Katya and eliminate Ginger. Which was a shock to the contestants because they agreed to eliminate the weakest performer of the week when they fall in the bottom and Katya was deemed the weakest of the week by the other queens.

Farewell Message

"Девочки! Я вас люблю! (Girls! I love you!) If you need me, you know where to find me. (The dumpster out back) XOXO Katya AKA The Brooke Hogan of drag AKA Diarrhea Perlman ♥♥♥"


  • Katya her favorite movie is Contact
  • Katya has spread her love for the spoken words part:"Same Parts," that Tatiana did in All stars 2 episode 1
  • She is known to have a tendency to rapidly move her hands around while talking in confessionals.
    One clip of Trixie and Katya laughing on their web series "UNHhhh"
  • On Season 7, she revealed that she had a previous history of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Her drag persona, Katya, is characterized as bisexual, but Brian himself is gay.
  • Katya is 5'10.
  • Her favorite meme is "on my way to steal your man."
  • She has stated that she has never been in a long term relationship.
  • She originally auditioned for Season 3.
  • After her entrance in Season 7, some of the other queens (including Violet Chachki) thought she was actually Russian. She has mentioned that her audience occasionally mistake her for being Russian as well.
  • Katya and fellow Season 7 Queen Trixie Mattel both star in a web series called "UNHhhh" on WOWPresents' official YouTube channel, where they talk about 'anything they want', as quoted by them.
  • In All Stars 2, she was the only queen in the Top 5 to not be from the fifth season.

    Katya and Trixie participated in a nude photoshoot together

  • Katya is the only Miss Congeniality to compete on All Stars 2.
  • She and Alaska are one of three pairs of queens to lip sync against each other twice (on All Stars 2), the other pairs being BenDeLaCreme and Darienne Lake on Season 6, and BenDeLaCreme and Shangela on All Stars 3.
  • Both of Katya's entrance quotes were taken from entrance quotes said by queens on previous seasons, except translated into Russian.Her Season 7 entrance ("C'mon, Season 7!") was a reference to Laganja Estranja's entrance quote ("C'mon, Season 6! Let's get sickening!").Her All Stars 2 entrance ("Happy Hunger Games, bitches.") was originally said by Chad Michaels during her All Stars 1 entrance.
  • Katya is one of the few RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni to reach 1 Million followers on Instagram.
  • Katya has a main role in the sequel to Hurricane Bianca. Called: Hurricane Bianca, from Russia with love. She's going to be the love interest.
  • In January 2018, Katya announced a short break from drag to take care of her mental health and addiction. Her performances have been postponed until 2019.


  • "Devochki!" [engl. Girls!]
  • "I’m just your average run-of-the-mill Russian bisexual transvestite hooker."
  • "Katya is at the intersection of glamour and comedy. You can find her right on the corner, selling her ass."
  • "I don't know what Miss Crab Lady (Tempest DuJour) is doing in that lip-sync but the bearded hoe (Kandy Ho) is turning it out!"
  • "I am sweating like a hooker in church."
  • "Ginger's transformation is pretty remarkable. She goes from Kathy Bates to Bob Hoskins."
  • "I'm not a dancer, per se, but I can move my body in a compelling way – it usually compels people to leave the room."
  • "When in doubt, show them your asshole."
  • "I'm not actually that young, I'm just ignorant."
  • "I believe it was the great American painter Bob Ross who said, 'The key to a swollen vagina is... courage.'"
  • "I feel confident, I feel sexy, I feel stupid."
  • "The Snatch Game is when we all dress up in latex frog costumes and go through a fiery obstacle course."
  • "I’m trying to just serve sexy and confident whore slutty cougar on the prowl. 3rd rate Faith Hill impersonator. 80% sexy, 20% disgusting."
  • "In Russia, death and sex are the same. Cold, wet, dark and painful."
  • "In Russia, money, power and wealth are the keys to experiencing the full depth and breadth of lesbianism."
  • "In America, talk is cheap... in Colombia talk is... Spanish."
  • "I'm the visual depiction of untreated mental illness."
  • "Without dirty thoughts, there are only dirty dishes."
  • "I don't know! I'm not a scientist!"
  • "My pussy is trending on Craigslist."
  • "I don't know anything about science other than that it's really good for you."
  • "I am my own worst enemy."
  • "Why try new things, when you can try nothing?"
  • "I don't take anything personally, except most things."
  • "I do not jump for joy. I frolic in doubt."
  • "I touch myself so you don't have to."
  • "It's going to be a disaster."
  • "When do I get to blow them? - I can't say that?"
  • "I would trample my dying grandmother to win this fucker."
  • "You know you want this crocheted pussy."
  • "I definitely needed to make a statement, so I try to pound my vagina into that stage so hard the building shakes."
  • "You know I'm not going to fall asleep until you make out with me." (to Trixie Mattel)
  • ''Woo! I'm a mountain biking vampire witch from the future!''
  • ''Fuck my pussy with a rake, mom.''
  • "Please look at me. Hi. I'm a nice, hot alien looking for a good, sexy fucking. Let me kaleidoscope my dick into your pussy hole, MOM."
  • "Will you settle for a guy who just wants to stick it in?"
  • "Time to chance props, mom."
  • "Mother, I'm [insert action here] again..."
  • "You're telling me that in addition to the $100,000 prize, we get $10,000 for each lip sync we win? That means I could walk out of here with at least $300,000... What, I didn't go to fucking school for math."
  • "I'm here to show America that I've become a total fucking monster."
  • "My mother? I hate that fucking cunt! ...Just kidding!"
  • "Party."
  • "Care for a fucking?"
  • "If you haven't been running for the school bus crying with a choker on at 13, 14 or 15, you don't know shit about the 90's."
  • "Were you dirt wagon dusty ass musty oakey smokey poor?"




"Cha Cha Heels" with Katya and Kennedy Davenport - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 John Waters Rusical

"Cha Cha Heels" with Katya and Kennedy Davenport - RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7 John Waters Rusical