RuPaul's Drag Race
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This article is about content that has yet to be released. Some of the information may be inaccurate or likely to change.

On April 13, 2017, VH1 renewed the series for a tenth season, tentatively scheduled to began airing in March 2018. Casting for Season 10 opened and later ended on May 7, 2017. This season will be the first to have Untucked premiere on VH1 along with Season 10.

There are rumors that a main theme of this season is queens with connections to other contestants. However, this seems unlikely since the cast has significantly changed since then.

Rumored Queens

Photo Contestant Current City Status
Aquaria Aquaria New York, NY Likely
Screen-shot-2015-10-12-at-12.52.16-PM Asia T. O'Hara Dallas, TX Likely
KRZogk5v Blair St. Clair Indianapolis, IN Confirmed
Dusty Dusty Ray Bottoms New York, NY Likely
EurekaMug Eureka O'Hara Johnson City, TN Invited
18950326 1605055939547385 1399545811007700992 a Kalorie K. Williams Albuquerque, NM Likely
17126563 1403216429739624 7504558431739576320 n Kameron Michaels Nashville, TN Likely
2016-08-25-1472126289-6993245-may Mayhem Miller Riverside, CA Likely
Brianna Cracker Miz Cracker New York, NY Likely
Monet edit Monét X Change Likely
Monique017 JR 0316-620x620 Monique Heart Kansas City, MO Likely
Vixen The Vixen Chicago, IL Likely
17438085 427479884265166 3940562254184841216 a Vanessa Vanjie Mateo Tampa, FL Likely
D- I21EO 400x400 Yuhua Hamasaki New York, NY Likely


  • Season 10 is the third non-all stars season to bring back a queen from a previous season. First was Shangela in Season 3 (from Season 2), second was Cynthia Lee Fontaine in Season 9 (from Season 8), and now Eureka in Season 10 (from Season 9).
  • The tenth season will air in Spring of 2018.[1]
  • Reddit rumor has it that this season will involve a circus challenge.
  • The promo theme for this season is rumoured to be neon.
  • Contestant Blair St. Clair was exposed by TMZ to have violated a DUI Court Order, which stated she must stay in Indiana, in order to compete on this season.[2]


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