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The season premiered on January 25, 2018 on VH1. The filming of the series was said to start on July 28th and ended in late August. The season was first officially teased across social media on Friday, October 13, 2017, with the official cast being revealed as an hour-long TV special, hosted by RuPaul, on Friday, October 20, on VH1.

The winner of this All Stars season was Trixie Mattel.

About the Show

"Following an Emmy Award-winning ninth season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” Mama Ru is back with season three of “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars,” featuring some of the most sickening queens to ever take the “Drag Race” runway. RuPaul revealed the nine returning queens during an hour-long televised pre-season episode, which also included a special interview with the iconic, Chaka Khan. Michelle Visage, Carson Kressley and Ross Mathews will return to the judging panel alongside RuPaul for a season tucked to the edges with more tea, more shade, and more twist-filled challenges than ever before. The highly anticipated new season will kick off this winter on VH1." [1]



(Ages and names stated are during time of contest)

Contestant Real Name Photo Age Original Season(s) Original Rank(s) All Stars Outcome
Trixie Mattel Brian Michael Firkus TrixieAS3 28 Season 7 6th Place Winner
Kennedy Davenport Reuben Asberry Jr. KennedyAS3 35 Season 7 4th Place Runner-up
BeBe Zahara Benet Nea Marshall Kudi BeBeAS3Promo 36 Season 1 Winner 3rd/4th Place
Shangela Darius "D.J." Pierce ShangelaAS3 35 Season 2 12th Place
Season 3 6th Place
Morgan McMichaels Thomas White MorganAS3 36 Season 2 8th Place 5th Place
(Originally 10th)
BenDeLaCreme Benjamin Putnam BenCremeAS3 35 Season 6 5th Place
(Miss Congeniality)
6th Place
Aja Jay Rivera
23 Season 9 9th Place 7th Place
Chi Chi DeVayne Zavion Davenport ChiChiAS3 32 Season 8 4th Place 8th Place
Milk Daniel Donigan MilkAS3 29 Season 6 9th Place 9th Place
Thorgy Thor Shane Galligan ThorgyAS3 33 Season 8 6th Place 10th Place

Contestant Progress

Rank Photo Contestant Original Season(s) Original Rank(s) Ep. 0
Ep. 1 Ep. 2 Ep. 3 Ep. 4 (Snatch
Ep. 5
Ep. 6 Ep. 7 Ep.8
(Grand Finale)
TrixieAS3Promo Trixie Mattel Season 7 6th IN SAFE SAFE HIGH BTM3 TOP2 BTM3 TOP2 WINNER
7 Jury Votes
KennedyAS3Promo Kennedy Davenport Season 7 4th IN SAFE BTM2 WIN BTM3 SAFE BTM3 BTM3 RUNNER UP
8 Jury Votes
3rd/4th BebeAS3Promo BeBe Zahara Benet Season 1 1st / Winner SAFE HIGH SAFE SAFE WIN TOP2 BTM3 ELIMINATED
2 Jury Votes
ShangelaAS3Promo Shangela Season 2 12th IN HIGH WIN SAFE WIN BTM2 BTM3 WIN ELIMINATED
1 Jury Vote
Season 3 6th
(orig. 10th)
MorganAS3Promo Morgan McMichaels Season 2 8th IN ELIM RTRN ELIM JUROR
6th DelaAS3Promo BenDeLaCreme Season 6 5th IN WIN
Mini C
7th AjaAS3Promo Aja Season 9 9th IN TOP2 SAFE BTM3 HIGH ELIM
Mini C
8th ChiChiAS3Promo Chi Chi DeVayne Season 8 4th IN BTM2 LOW BTM3 ELIM OUT JUROR
9th MilkAS3Promo Milk Season 6 9th IN SAFE SAFE ELIM OUT JUROR
10th ThorgyAS3Promo Thorgy Thor Season 8 6th IN HIGH ELIM OUT JUROR
The contestant won RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3.
The contestant lost the Lipsync Finale, and was the runner-up in this season.
The contestant won the main challenge of that week, $10,000 and the Lipsync for your Legacy. The contestant eliminated another queen.
The contestant was in the top two All Stars of that week but ended up not winning the Lipsync for your Legacy.
The contestants won the main challenge of that week, $5,000 and the Lipsync for your Legacy. The contestants eliminated a queen in tandem.
The contestant won the main challenge of that week, $10,000 and the Lipsync for your Legacy, brought back a eliminated queen and then eliminated herself from the competition.
The contestant was in the winning team but ended up for elimination by default because she wasn't in the top two All Stars of that week and none of them were eliminated.
The contestant was in the top that week but ended up not being in the top two of that week.
The contestant was in the bottom that week, but ended up not being in the bottom two of the week.
The contestant was in the bottom that week but wasn't eliminated by the winner of the Lipsync for your Legacy.
The contestant was in the bottom that week and was eliminated by the winner of the Lipsync for your Legacy.
 The contestant was eliminated for the second time by that week's Lipsync for your Legacy winner.
The contestant was previously eliminated, but her lipstick was picked to return.
The contestant was previously eliminated but was eliminated again after her lipstick wasn't picked.
The contestant was eliminated by The Jury of Queer Peers, therefore not making it to the Lipsync Finale.
The contestant returned and appeared on the Finale episode of the competition. They functioned as a component of the final judgement to declare the winner of the season.

Lipstick Choices

Episode # Winner Choice Loser Choice
1 BenDeLaCreme Morgan Aja Chi Chi
2 Shangela Thorgy BenDeLaCreme Thorgy
3 Kennedy Milk BenDeLaCreme Chi Chi
4 BenDeLaCreme &
Chi Chi N/A
5 BeBe Aja Trixie Aja
6 BenDeLaCreme Choice Returning Queen BeBe Choice Returning Queen
BenDeLaCreme Morgan Withheld Choices
7 Shangela Morgan Trixie Morgan
8 The Jury Kennedy Trixie

Queen's Money

Name Money
Aja $2,000
BeBe $10,000
BenDeLaCreme $25,000
Chi Chi $0
Kennedy $10,000
Milk $0
Morgan $0
Shangela $25,000
Thorgy $0
Trixie $100,000


Series # Episode # Title  Airdate
133 0 Exclusive Queen RuVeal October 20, 2017
134 1 All-Star Variety Show January 25th, 2018
135 2 Divas Lip Sync Live February 1st, 2018
136 3 The B*tchelor February 8th, 2018
137 4 All Stars Snatch Game February 15th, 2018
138 5 Pop Art Ball February 22nd, 2018
139 6 Handmaids to Kitty Girls March 1st, 2018
140 7 My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragsmaids Wedding Trip March 8th, 2018
141 8 A Jury of Their Queers March 15th, 2018

Episode 1: "All Star Variety Show"

Airdate: January 25, 2018

  • Guest Judges: Vanessa Hudgens 
  • Mini-Challenge: Reading is Fundamental
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme
  • Main Challenge: All Star Variety Show 
  • Top Two: BenDeLaCreme and Aja
  • Main Challenge Prize: Airfare and a 5-night stay at Fort Lauderdale Beach Grand Resort and Spa 
  • Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme
  • Bottom Two: Morgan McMichaels and Chi Chi DeVayne
  • Lip Sync Song: "Anaconda" by Nicki Minaj
  • Eliminated: Morgan McMichaels
  • Farewell Message: I Love ya girls! Keep rocking and slay FABULOUS! 

Entrance Order

1. Trixie Mattel
2. Milk
3. Chi Chi DeVayne
4. Thorgy Thor
5. Morgan McMichaels
6. Aja
7. BenDeLaCreme
8. Kennedy Davenport
9. Shangela
10. Bebe Zahara Benet

All Star Talent Show Extravaganza

Queen Talent
BeBe Zahara Benet
Lipsyncing/African tribal dancing
Thorgy Thor
Kennedy Davenport
Chi Chi DeVayne
Morgan McMichaels
Trixie Mattel

Episode 2: "Divas Lip Sync Live"

Airdate: February 1, 2018

  • Guest Judges: Vanessa Williams and Todrick Hall 
  • Main Challenge: The queens go full diva in a lip-syncing dance number inspired by the classic TV specials "VH1 Divas Live" 
  • Top Two: BenDeLaCreme and Shangela
  • Main Challenge Prize: a $1,000 gift card from Sparkles Rhinestones, and a $1,000 gift card from Fierce Queen Heels
  • Challenge Winner: Shangela
  • Runway Theme: RuDemption Realness
  • Bottom Two: Kennedy Davenport and Thorgy Thor
  • Lip Sync Song: "Jump (For My Love)" by The Pointer Sisters 
  • Eliminated: Thorgy Thor
  • Farewell Message: Wooo! Drag is Fun. Suck it ShangeLLa! *Lipstick Penis*  

Divas Lip Sync Live

Queen Assigned Diva RuPaul Song RuDemption Realness Look
Milk Celine Dion
"Peanut Butter" Crazy, Sexy, Cool (S6; E6)
Kennedy Davenport Janet Jackson
Nerve and Talent"
Death Becomes Her (S7; E6)
Aja Amy Winehouse
"U Wear It Well" Fairytale Princess Eleganza (S9; E3)
Chi Chi DeVayne Patti LaBelle
"Jealous of

My Boogie"

Neon Queen Realness (S8; E4)
Trixie Mattel Dolly Parton
"Adrenaline" The Ugliest Dress Ever (S7; E9)
Shangela Mariah Carey
"The Realness" Christmas Eleganza (S3; E1)
Thorgy Thor Stevie Nicks
"Born Naked" Neon Queen Realness (S8; E4)
BenDeLaCreme Julie Andrews
"Call Me Mother" Dripping in Jewels Eleganza (S6; E11)
BeBe Zahara Benet Diana Ross
"The Main Event" Entrance Look (S1; E1)

Note: All of the queens' divas were assigned prior to the recording of the show. To make up for the fact that some queens wouldn't be in it, they made the lip-sync song in the way each section could easily be taken out of the final production.
Morgan was was assigned Lana Del Rey, she revealed it in an Instagram post. The song would have been Dance With U  according to composer Leland (Brett McLaughlin).
Also, The Divas Live Soundtrack reuses the same final segment melody from the Kardashian: The Musical challenge.

Episode 3: "The B*tchelor"

Airdate: February 8, 2018

  • Guest Judges: Constance Zimmer and Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman  
  • Main Challenge: The queens' improvisation skills are tested in an unscripted dating show 
  • Top Two: BenDeLaCreme and Kennedy Davenport
  • Main Challenge Prize: A suite of jewelry from Fierce! Drag Jewels and a $1,000 gift card from Nailed by Cristy 
  • Challenge Winner: Kennedy Davenport
  • Runway Theme: Wigs on Wigs on Wigs (inspired by Roxxxy Andrews)
  • Bottom Three: Aja, Chi Chi DeVayne, and Milk
  • Lip Sync Song: "Green Light" by Lorde 
  • Eliminated: Milk
  • Farewell Message: Love U Girls. But Ya'll Know this Bogus! Stay Amazing. Milk 

The B*tchelor

Queen Date Role
BeBe Zahara Benet Double Date 1 The Shy Virgin
BenDeLaCreme The Cougar
Milk Double Date 2 The Psycho Stalker
Trixie Mattel The Fake Bitch
Aja Double Date 3 The Super Needy Girl
Kennedy Davenport The Party Girl
Chi Chi DeVayne Double Date 4 Polyamorous Duo

Episode 4: "All Stars Snatch Game"

Airdate: February 15, 2018

  • Guest Judges: Kristin Chenoweth and Nicole Byer  
  • Special Guest: Marc Jacobs  
  • Main Challenge: Snatch Game 
  • Top Two: BenDeLaCreme and Shangela
  • Main Challenge Prize: A wig wardrobe from Rock Star Wigs and a $1,000 gift card from CoolHaus Super Premium Ice Cream. 
  • Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme and Shangela
  • Runway Theme: Flower Power
  • Bottom Three: Chi Chi DeVayne, Kennedy Davenport, and Trixie Mattel
  • Lip Sync Song: "I Kissed a Girl" by Katy Perry 
  • Eliminated: Chi Chi DeVayne
  • Farewell Message: Love all of you gals. Remember to keep it fair, Chi Chi. 💋 

Snatch Game

Queen Celebrity Impersonation
Aja Crystal Labeija
BeBe Zahara Benet Grace Jones
BenDeLaCreme Paul Lynde
Chi Chi DeVayne Maya Angelou
Kennedy Davenport Phaedra Parks
Shangela Jenifer Lewis
Trixie Mattel RuPaul

Episode 5: "Pop Art Ball"

Airdate: February 22, 2018

  • Guest Judges: Tituss Burgess and Shay Mitchell  
  • Mini-Challenge: The queens pose for a photo that will be turned into a pop art portrait
  • Mini-Challenge Winner: Aja
  • Mini-Challenge Prize: A year's worth of hamburgers from Hamburger Mary's and $2,000.
  • Main Challenge: The queens design wearable soup cans inspired by Andy Warhol, and create Studio 54 disco looks.
  • Top Two: BeBe Zahara Benet and Trixie Mattel
  • Main Challenge Prize: A two-night escape for two at The W Hotel Fort Lauderdale 
  • Challenge Winner: BeBe Zahara Benet
  • Runway Theme: Soup Can Realness & Studio 54 Disco Looks
  • Bottom Two: Aja and Shangela
  • Lip Sync Song: "The Boss" by Diana Ross 
  • Eliminated: Aja
  • Farewell Message: I love u bitches♡ Honestly thank you from the bottom of my heart, yall inspire me so much - Aja xoxo 

Pop Art Ball

Queen Soup Name Pop Art Picture
Aja Sugar Tits
BeBe Zahara Benet ZaZa
Soup d'arachide Peunat Soup
BenDeLaCreme CreamDeLaCreme
Kennedy Davenport Grandma Kennedy's
Pot Licka' Juice
Shangela Shangie Angie's
Caffeinated HallelOOps
Trixie Mattel Pep/Abysmal

Episode 6: "Handmaids to Kitty Girls"

Airdate: March 1, 2018

  • Guest Judges: Emma Bunton ("Baby Spice") and Adam Lambert   
  • Main Challenge: The queens audition for RuPaul's new girl group, the Kitty Girls. The eliminated queens return and have a competing girl group.
  • Top Two: BeBe Zahara Benet and BenDeLaCreme
  • Main Challenge Prize: A $1,000 gift card to Spa on Rodeo, and a $1,000 gift card From MuLondon.
  • Challenge Winner: BenDeLaCreme
  • Returning Queen: Morgan McMichaels
  • Bottom Three: Kennedy Davenport, Shangela, Trixie Mattel
  • Lip Sync Song: "Nobody's Supposed To Be Here (Hex Hector Dance Mix)" by Deborah Cox
  • Eliminated: BenDeLaCreme
  • Farewell Message: Dear New Top 5, Thank you so much for this incredible Journey. Stay fierce you all deserve a crown. Your friendship and respect is the best win I can imagine Xo BDLC

Handmaids to Kitty Girls

Group 1: Top 5 Group 2: Eliminated Queens
"Drag up your Life" "Sitting on a Secret"
Queen Character Queen Character
BeBe Zahara Benet Jungle Kitty Aja Lil' Banjee
BenDeLaCreme Goth Kitty Chi Chi DeVayne Cajun Kitty
Kennedy Davenport Diva Kitty Milk Milky Kitty
Shangela Sparkle Kitty Morgan McMichaels Bimbo Kitty
Trixie Mattel I.Q. Kitty Thorgy Thor Cardio Kitty

Episode 7: "My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragsmaids Wedding Trip"

Airdate: March 8, 2018

  • Guest Judges: Chris Colfer and Garcelle Beauvais  
  • Special Guest: Nancy Pelosi  
  • Main Challenge: The queens’ acting chops are tested in a girl comedy blockbuster scene
  • Top Two: Trixie Mattel and Shangela
  • Main Challenge Prize: $1,000 gift card from Elea's Closet and a set of luggage from Raden luggage 
  • Challenge Winner: Shangela
  • Runway Theme: Red For Filth
  • Bottom Three: BeBe Zahara Benet, Morgan McMichaels, and Kennedy Davenport
  • Lip Sync Song: "Freaky Money" by RuPaul feat. Big Freedia 
  • Eliminated: Morgan McMichaels
  • Farewell Message: Let no one o'm your light! I love you all Totally! Sisters Forever! 💋 

My Best Squirrelfriend's Dragsmaids Wedding Trip

Queen Role
BeBe Zahara Benet The Queen
Kennedy Davenport La La
Morgan McMichaels Beige Swan
Shangela Actavia
Trixie Mattel Sharon Frockovich

Episode 8: "A Jury of Your Queers"

Airdate: March 15, 2018

  • Main Challenge: Write, sing, and dance in an ambitious production number to RuPaul's song "Kitty Girl"
  • Returning Queens: Aja, BenDeLaCreme, Chi Chi DeVayne, Milk, Morgan McMichaels, Thorgy Thor
  • Runway Theme: Best Drag Eleganza Extravaganza
  • Eliminated Queens: BeBe Zahara Benet and Shangela
  • Top Two All Stars: Kennedy Davenport and Trixie Mattel
  • Lip Sync Song: "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus
  • Winner of RuPaul's All Stars 3 Drag Race: Trixie Mattel
  • Runner Up: Kennedy Davenport

Jury of Queers Peers

Eliminated Queen Queen Voted Queen Points
Kennedy 8
First Option (2 points) Second Option (1 point)
Aja Kennedy Trixie Trixie 7
BenDeLaCreme Kennedy Trixie
Chi Chi Kennedy Trixie Bebe 2
Milk Trixie Kennedy
Morgan Bebe Kennedy Shangela 1
Thorgy Trixie Shangela


  • All Stars 3 is the first season...
    • ...of All Stars to not feature any queens who were runner-ups on their original season, the closest placers being Kennedy and Chi Chi, both placing 4th, and BeBe who won her season.
    • ...and the only season to be filmed far away from Hollywood, RuPaul had to stay in a hotel while filming.
    • have an actual celebrity playing the Snatch Game.
    • ...of All Stars to feature a second runway theme song (Jealous of my Boogie Ruru & Rozy Disco Mix), in Episode 5.
    • not have a makeover challenge.
    • not feature any plus-sized queens.
    • have a queen win 5 challenges, the most challenge wins ever in one season.
    • have a winner originally from Season 7.
  • This is second season to not have a reunion episode, the first being All Stars 1
  • The All Star Variety show was said to be filmed Tuesday, August 1, 2017.
  • Aja was the first queen confirmed to compete in the season during a Facebook Live video with Michelle Visage.
  • RuPaul only "Ruvealed" 9 contestants during the special "Exclusive Queen Ruveal" but hinted there was a 10th. Previous Winner BeBe Zahara Benet was rumored to be the 10th contestant but was ultimately kept out of all pre-season promotion. BeBe was eventually revealed to be competing during the season's premiere.
  • This season features a "Drag Race Fantasy League" where you can win prizes. At the end of the Fantasy, the person with the most points will win tickets to the Season 10 Finale taping.
  • So far, both the winners of the talent show and the firsts Lip Sync for Your Legacy of All Stars have done burlesque (Roxxxy Andrews and BenDeLaCreme).
  • "Sexy Drag Queen" is the first main runway song to be featured in three different seasons, all of them All Stars.
  • The lip-sync assassins of All Stars 3 are BenDeLaCreme and Shangela. BenDeLaCreme out-performed Aja and BeBe Zahara Benet, Shangela has out-performed BenDeLaCreme and Trixie Mattel. Both have tied each other in episode 4.
  • Trixie Mattel is the fourth queen to win a season with only two wins. The other queens that have won a season with two wins are Bebe Zahara Benet, Jinkx Monsoon and Sasha Velour
  • Chi Chi DeVayne is the only person this season to have the placement "Low"
  • All Stars 3 is the last appearance of the second design of the Werk Room.
  • BenDeLaCreme is the second queen to win a challenge and then be eliminate in the same episode. This was first done by Willam in season 4 when she was disqualified. 
  • Trixie Mattel revealed on UNHhhh that Shangela has a piñata and a sledge hammer under her last garment in the finale, which she planned to have for a reveal during the lip sync.
  • "A Jury of Their Queers" is currently the worst-rated episode of Drag Race across the entire series, holding a score of 4.3 out of 10 on IMDB.


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All Stars 3 Promo

All Stars 3 Promo