Sasha Velour is the stage name of Sasha Steinberg, a drag performer from Brooklyn, New York. She is one of the 14 queens competing on the ninth season of RuPaul's Drag Race.


Season 9

"*screams, coughs, and then smiles*"

Drag Name Origin

Her parents named her after Alexandra Kollontai, a Russian feminist leader. Being that "Sasha" is a common nickname for Alexander or Alexandra and her being told her whole life that she had a girl's name, she made that her drag name. "Velour" comes from it being a cheap imitation fabric to substitute velvet, which Sasha thinks is the perfect metaphor for drag.

RuPaul's Drag Race

Season 9

Episode One: "Oh. My. Gaga!"- For the first challenge, the queens had to showcase a hometown look and a Lady Gaga look. Sasha's hometown look was inspired by queer art and was well received, but she was criticised for her unnecessary use of props. Her Gaga look was from the Applause music video/single artwork and it received high praise. Sasha was one of the top three of the challenge but did not win.

Episode Four: "Good Morning Bitches!"- The main challenge was to do morning news and interview Naya Rivera. The two teams were Trinity Taylor's and Aja's. Aja chose Sasha. Sasha and Shea Couleé both decided to do the 'Cooking Segment' and received positive critiques from the judges for their humour and chemistry on set. RuPaul declare both Sasha and Shea Couleé as the winners of this weeks challenge. After they won, the rest of Aja's team was safe.

Episode Six: "Snatch Game"- The main challenge this week is Snatch Game. Sasha chose to portray Marlene Dietrich, and received positive critiques both for her impersonation and for her Madonna-inspired runway outfit. She ended up in the top 3, but did not win the challenge.

Episode Seven: "9021-HO"- The main challenge was to act in a parody version of the show 9021-O. Sasha was assigned the role of Lunch Lady Kat. In the challenge, she failed to make her character stand out. She placed low in this challenge, but was pronounced safe and did not have to lip sync.

Episode Nine: "Your Pilot's On Fire"- The main challenge this week was to write and act in their own TV pilots. They were told to work in teams, so Sasha automatically chose Shea Coulee. They acted very well in the challenge, making everyone laugh. The two of them ended up sharing a win again.


  • "Don't joke about that."
  • "Jaymes Mansfield looks scared and confused when she walks in. Like, am I in the right room?"
  • "This is RuPaul's Best Group Therapy Race"
  • "Or is it a generic pageant hair?"
  • "Michelle is so Jersey, her idea of classical music is Lisa Lisa."
  • "Mommy is taking you to church for the first time?"
  • "(Category is) Bright eyed and bushy browed! Be the strange you wish to see in the world! Sasha Velour relies on brains, beauty be damned, let monsters reign. If you want to join the revolution: innovate, that's my solution! Wear a crown, fuck with gender, bend the rules, don't surrender. A thinking queen speaks to the heart, she's stranger than fiction, better than art! I'm- I'm more true than real, I'm a magical bitch, darling, that's how I feel! (screams)" - Sasha's verse in the Category Is remix


  • Sasha is known in the drag scene for using audiovisual equipment for her performances.
  • Sasha, along with Aja, Alexis Michelle, and Peppermint, was interviewed for getoutmag and had to do a Broadway themed look, her doing The Phantom Of The Opera. [1]
  • Sasha is of Russian-Jewish descent, and did her Fulbright scholarship in Russia. [2] She was in the airport on the way back from visiting Russia when she received her callback to the show. [1]
  • Sasha's favorite song to perform is "Wuthering Heights" by Kate Bush. [1]
  • Sasha is the director of a drag magazine entitled "Velour: The Drag Magazine".
  • Sasha's bald looks are done in tribute to her late mother, who lost her hair during cancer treatment.
  • Sasha has a pet Italian Greyhound dog, Ivan the Terrible, who she nicknames Vanya.
  • Sasha is a pescetarian.
  • Sasha was born with a condition called "club foot".
  • Both of Sasha's wins were partnered wins with Shea Coulee.
    • Sasha and Shea are also the first queens to win 2 dual wins together.
  • Sasha, along with Aja, Alexis Michelle, and Peppermint, released a song on April 21, 2017 called "C.L.A.T."
  • Sasha is gender-fluid.
  • Sasha is the eighth queen to make it to the finale without ever placing in the bottom two.
  • Sasha is the mother of the drag family "House of Velour." Members include Sasha's boyfriend Johnny Velour, her assistant and drag king Vigor Mortis, drag king Mr. Lee VaLone, drag king Dandy Velour, and drag queen Olive d'Nightlife.
  • Sasha won Drag Queen of the Year and Best Visual Artist at the 5th Annual Brooklyn Nightlife Awards in 2017. Additionally, House of Velour won Event Producer of the Year. [3]
  • Sasha hosts and produces the monthly drag show "Nightgowns" in Brooklyn, NY. [4]



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