Tempest DuJour is the stage name of Patrick Holt, a drag performer from Tucson, Arizona. She is one of the 14 contestants to compete on Season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race. She was born on September 1, 1967, and was 46 years old at the time of filming.

Much like with Kelly Mantle in Season 6, a large portion of the fanbase was outraged at Tempest's elimination, which came before she had the opportunity to display her acting and comedy skills, which are her greatest strengths. This has lead to criticism of the fashion-and-beauty themes of the first episodes.

Tempest wittily refers to herself as "the sacrificial lamb" of her season. Many fans note that her drag calibre is such that even with the minimal airtime she was given, she is a popular name on the global drag circuit and a fan-favorite. She is widely considered one of the strongest ever "first outs."

More generally, in terms of career longevity, some fans have speculated that it is often better to be a strong first-out (such as Tempest, Kelly Mantle, or Jaymes Mansfield) than a queen eliminated second, third or fourth. This has also sparked a theory about a "retribution season", where the first queen to be eliminated from each season is able to compete and show the skills they never got to display.


"Who's ready for some hot tuna casserole? 'Cause mama's home!"

Farewell Message

"Love yourself. Live your truth. You're never too old to dream!"

Drag Name Origin

Tempest an homage to her professional career in theater and is inspired by William Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Tempest implies something strong and powerful that is a natural force. She wanted a last name that is very campy and kitschy. DuJour is from her Deep Southern roots, where she thought a person from those areas would think is a super fancy French word without really knowing its meaning or is the only French word they have heard. When you put it with Tempest, it literally means “Storm of The Day."


  • I'll trip a bitch, I'll cut up a bitch, I'll poison a bitch.
  • You don't stop dreaming at a certain age!
  • Well I guess we know who's the bitch this season. (edited out)
  • I'm crowning right now.


Tempest+DuJour+RuPaul+Drag+Race+Reunion+Finale+Aj -L6mmlbtl
  • Tempest and her husband have two adopted children. Alongside Tyra Sanchez, Nicole Paige Brooks and Mrs. Kasha Davis, she is one of the only contestants known to have kids.
  • Tempest is a professor at the University of Arizona's School of Theatre, Film, and Television.
  • She is only seven years younger than RuPaul. She is the second oldest queen to compete on Drag Race after Charlie Hides, who competed on Season 9 aged 52.
  • The morning after her elimination on Season 7 Episode 1, she posted the film short "Tempest DuJour's Very Bad Day" on YouTube, ending with her in bed, bingeing on pills and wine and watching her own elimination scene again and again.
  • She was once in a near-fatal car accident that almost severed one of her legs.
  • In her entrance, she imitates giving birth to a baby doll while standing. Originally, the baby was going to come out covered in fake blood, but this was not allowed on set as it was too visually unappealing.

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