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The Switch Drag Race is a Chilean drag show that aired every Thursday and Sunday on Mega. The show is hosted by Karla Constant and judged by Íngrid Cruz, Juan Pablo González, Sebastián Errázuriz and Nicole Gaultier.

The first season of The Switch aired on October 8, 2015 and ended on January 17, 2016 having Luz Violeta as the winner of the season.


Season 1

Contestant Real Name Age Original Rank
Luz Violeta Sebastián Aguirre 28 Winner
Stephanie "La Botota" Fox Jose Miguel Navarrete 33 Runner Up
Luna di Mauri Marcelo Ramirez 48
Sofía Camará Pablo Carayani 25 3rd Place
Yoyi Cristián Sanhueza 41 4th Place
Rubí Blonde Fabián Alejandro 28 5th Place
Arianda Sodi Ariel Cerda 28 6th Place
Laura Bell Andrés Sáez 26 7th Place
Fernanda Brown Roberto Cortes 24 8th Place
Jessica "Jess" Parker Sergio Venegas 24 9th Place
Paulette Palmery Vicente Dulcien 38 10th Place
Nery Lefferti Cristopher Nirilef 24 11th Place
Yume Hime Pablo Poulain 27 12th Place
Kristina "La Veneno" Kox Camilo Aqueveque 22 13th Place
Francisca Thompson Camilo Aballay 21 14th Place
Elizabeth San Martín Sebastián Valenzuela 23 15th Place
Álvaro Lynch Néstor López 50 16th Place

Season 2

Contestant Real Name Photo
Kandy Ho Frank Diaz KandyHoS2
Pakita Francis Jenkins PakitaS2
Marie Laveau Noel Garcia MarieS2
Sofia Camará Pablo Carayani SofiaS2
Luna di Mauri Marcelo Ramirez LunaS2
Pavel Arámbula Pavel Arámbula PavelS2
Miss Leona Rémy Solé MissLeonaS2
Diva Houston - DivaS2
Gia Gunn Gia Ichikawa GiaGunnS2
Arianda Sodi Ariel Cerda AriandaS2
Luz Violeta Sebatián Aguirre LuzVioletaS2
Laura Bell Andrés Saez LauraS2
Fernanda Brown - FernandaS2


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