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  • IrrelevantBrian

    So I feel season 10 will be like Season 6. They will make it good and exciting but we can take a look at Season 9 and it wasn't that thrilling tbh. I really hope their are some sewing challenges like season 3. As well, their being the acting/rap/video for the top 4.

    I also hope that the winner isn't obvious like season 9 was....(no spoilers). I really hope this season or the next is like S3, sewing,acting,singing a lot of hard challenges.

    For AS3, my dream cast will be






    Alexis Mateo




    Gia or Laganja or Miss Fame


    Trinity K Bonet

    And lastly.....


    I hope their is a big twist again!

    Does anyone else feel the same?

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  • IrrelevantBrian

    "big girls"

    April 13, 2017 by IrrelevantBrian

    I was wondering, if you guys consider some drag queens 'big girls'. 

    And do you guys get offended by this? Or are you okay with it? Personally I don't mind the word, its better than saying fat. And is it okay if I add some facts that use the word "big girl"? I don't wanna offend anyone. 

    So who do you guys consider "big girls"?

    I think that the queens that admit they're big or the ones who are tall and wide. I think this was a better blog post than my last one.




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  • IrrelevantBrian

    What are  the blog posts  for? Im kinda confused lmao

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