All Stars 3 was confirmed to release in January. But, how can we infer from the cast of alleged queens who will place in what spot? 

To grade how the queens would predictably place, I used the improved "Dusted or Busted" scoring system, how much better they've been doing now, 


  • BeBe Zahara BenetSeason 1 (Winner)
  • Morgan McMichaelsSeason 2 ('8th Place)
  • Shangela LaQuifa WadleySeason 2/3 (12th, 6th Place)
  • BenDeLaCremeSeason 6 (5th Place & Ms. Congeniality)
  • MilkSeason 6 (9th)
  • Kennedy DavenportSeason 7 (4th Place)
  • Trixie MattelSeason 7 (Originally 11th/6th Place)
  • Chi Chi DeVayne- Season 8 (4th Place)
  • Thorgy ThorSeason 8 (6th Place)
  • AjaSeason 9 (9th Place)

"Dusted or Busted" Scoring

Bebe- 6.25

Morgan- 4

Shangela- 4.5

BenDeLa- 5.75

Milk- 4.5

Kennedy- 5.909

Trixie- 4.643

Chi Chi- 4.375

Thorgy Thor- 5.357

Aja- 3.571

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