A lot of people on Reddit like to ask the question - if all the previous winners went against each other in another race, who would win?

Usually, I get the same answer. It's either: Alaska ThunderfuckBianca Del Rio, or Chad Michaels. It gets irritating to see the same answers, so I wanna see what you all think!

Note, this is a FAN-MADE season. I could be wrong. And, I am not following the "Dusted or Busted" scoring system, as it isn't as fair as it looks, nor is it accurate.

...However, now that the new "Dusted or Busted" system came out, let's see who would win?

11th Place- Raja Gemini

10th Place- Bob the Drag Queen

9th Place- BeBe Zahara Benet

8th Place- Violet Chachki

7th Place- Sasha Velour

6th Place- Sharon Needles

5th Place- Jinkx Monsoon

4th Place- Tyra Sanchez

3rd Place- Alaska Thunderfuck

2nd Place- Chad Michaels

WinnerBianca Del Rio