Hi, guys!

So, after this blog post, I'll post an adoption request, but I want to know this wiki's members opinions first! I truly believe this wiki can get more active, since looking at the wiki's activity, only me and a few other non-anon users make useful edits. 

With the powers of becoming an Admin, I'd remove some pages that are unecessary, as well as update some locked pages (i.e. Phi Phi, whose page is locked for editors), and, obviously update the wiki's design.

With Season 8 coming, I want this wiki to be at least in shape before March 7th arrives, which will bring new editors to the wiki (hopefully).

This wiki's only staff (not counting Wikistars) is the founder, who has not edited since 2013. It seems short but it's been 3 years!

Please, voice you guys' opinions in the blog comments, determining whether or not I'm fit to be the new RuPaul's Drag Race wiki owner!

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