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    Hi Drag Race lovers!

    Here are my favorite winners of RPDR (including All-Stars)! The only notes are:

    1. I know that this show hasn't ended, so after a while, this won't be accurate.

    2. I will be rating them from least-favorite to absolute favorite.

    4. This is my personal opinion. If you love the winners I may not like, that's OK!!!

    Here we go!

    10. Tyra Sanchez- In my opinion, she wasn't my favorite because she was very rude to the other contestants. She deserved to win the challenges she won and she did get better over time, but I think that Raven should have won the season.

    9. Chad Michaels- She was actually going to be higher on my list, but I realized that even though she was kind to others on her orginal season, like Madame LaQueer, she was o…

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