Hi Drag Race lovers!

Here are my favorite winners of RPDR (including All-Stars)! The only notes are:

1. I know that this show hasn't ended, so after a while, this won't be accurate.

2. I will be rating them from least-favorite to absolute favorite.

4. This is my personal opinion. If you love the winners I may not like, that's OK!!!

Here we go!

10. Tyra Sanchez- In my opinion, she wasn't my favorite because she was very rude to the other contestants. She deserved to win the challenges she won and she did get better over time, but I think that Raven should have won the season.

9. Chad Michaels- She was actually going to be higher on my list, but I realized that even though she was kind to others on her orginal season, like Madame LaQueer, she was overly confident in herself on All-Stars, which made her seem mean. Again, Raven should have won since she was more sucessful after the seasons she was on, but who wins is Ru's choice, not mine.

8. Violet Chachki- Though she was mean at the beginning (I mean, she was voted shadiest queen by the other contestants!), she learned how to control her attitude toward the other girls and won my heart on the show. Even though others deserved to win, like Trixie or Katya, out of the top three, she was my top pick.

7. Alaska Thunderfuck- I loved her on season 5, and when the cast list was announced, I wanted her to win, but after her poor choices when eliminating her opponents, saving her friends when they truly deserved to go home, I was heart-broken. She was also super bland and her iconic craziness was gone; it seemed like the only thing she cared about during the show was winning, not making friends and showing that she wasn't there because she was Sharon Needles' partner, which is admirable in some cases, but I know that's not Alaska.

6. Raja- She is my favorite from the season, and she deserved to win when compared to Manila but she was part of The Heathers and helped Manila turn people against each other, which is not right.

5. Bebe Zahara Benet- I want to make her higher, I really do, but on her season I didn't get to know her well enough to warm up to her. 

4. Sharon Needles- First of all, no pun intended on what place she's at (it's her season number). She had a killer (pun intended) comic style and won the challenges she deserved to win, but she only had one type of style when it comes to clothes and she may have relied on it too much.

3. Jinkx Monsoon- OMG what words could I say to describe how GREAT she is! She was inspirational, she had a great comic style, she can sing really well and her acting is superb! She also has her own film, which is pretty cool! The only reason why she is not the top of the list is because her style on the runway was not a high point of her run.

2. Bob the Drag Queen- On her season, she had a great comic style, was a great dancer and actor and she walked into my heart Purse First (pun intended). The only, minor thing was that she was kind of a show-off.

1. Bianca Del Rio- I have one thing to say: WERK. She brought it all: Comedy, Style, Acting, Rapping, Sewing Skills and Reading Skills! She also is one of the most successful queens after the show; she had a series on the WOW Youtube channel, she's gone on multiple tours, she had a roast dedicated to her, she had comedy specials on Logotv, she was the opening act for the season 7 finale, she's released a song with Sherry Vine, and she has her own movie called Hurricane Bianca! 

That's all from me! See ya later, hun!


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