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Victoria "Porkchop" Parker, born Victor Bowling, is a female illusionist from Raleigh, North Carolina. She was born on January 16, 1969. She is the 3rd oldest drag queen to compete on the show after Tempest DuJour, who was born in 1967 and Charlie Hides, who was born in 1964. Porkchop is part of the first season of RuPaul's Drag Race. Sadly for Porkchop, she was eliminated on the 1st episode.

Victoria started doing drag because she has been performing and entertaining since a very young age. Victoria is experienced in not only Female Impersonation, but also in show choir, theater and acting. According to the 1st Episode of RuPaul's Drag Race, Porkchop started doing drag on January 16, 1987.

Victoria believes that Drag and Female Impersonation have two different meanings. Victoria defined drag as "Dressed as Girl" according to the dictionary, and one that goes out to a gay bar dressed as a woman to have a good time. Porkchop felt Female Impersonation meant "a male dressed as a woman for entertainment purposes." Victoria defines herself as a Female Impersonator, not only because of its meaning but because it's a career, it's something fun she does for a living, and when he goes home she takes off her makeup and lives life as a man.

Victoria's most memorable moment was winning a pageant a year prior to entering the show, performing alongside Erica Dunlap, the former Miss Real America. Porkchop addressed that she and Erica wore matching costumes as well.

Victoria's goal is to entertain, have fun on stage, and please the audience. Victoria wants to make the people in the audience forget their problems and enjoy her performances and the show for a good couple of hours.

In her introduction video for RuPaul's Drag Race, she described herself as "Diva, Charismatic, and Talented", as the queens were required to describe three words about themselves.

Drag Name Origin

She started as Victoria René Parker since a pageant girl had to have three names in the 80s and 90s. Her given name is Victor, so it was natural for her drag name to be Victoria. Parker is from a former Miss North Carolina Joni Bennett Parker. She got Porkchop from making good fried pork chops and her drag mother Carmella Marcella Garcia saying, “She loves my fried pork chops.”

RuPaul's Drag Race

Season 1

Porkchop was fifth to enter the work room and got on well with the other queens. She enjoyed the visuals of both the pit crew and Mike Ruiz. In the first mini challenge, a car wash themed photo shoot with the pit crew, Victoria spent a lot of time flirting and looking at the models instead of the camera, which she was later criticized for by the judges.

The main challenge was called "Drag on a Dime" where the queens had to make a fashionable outfit made from items from a dollar store. Porkchop mentioned in confessionals that her sewing skills went as far as sewing on buttons. While creating her dress, Porkchop opened up to the other contestants about how different the past drag scene was, explaining how she's been shot at and attacked for being a female impersonator.

Porkchop's dress was criticized for being disjointed, being described as looking like "a football field" by fellow contestant Akashia.

RuPaul's Drag Race Stats

Victoria "Porkchop" Parker
Season Competed: Season 1
Ranking: 9th Place
Mini-Challenges Won: 0
Times as Team Captain: 0
Main Challenges Won: 0
Times in Bottom Two: 1
Episode Eliminated: ep. 1


Victoria "Porkchop" Parker was eliminated on the 1st episode of RuPaul's Drag Race.

The cause of her elimination was the fact that she couldn't sew a whole dress together. Victoria confessed that her final outfit was the first outfit she has ever made, and RuPaul addressed that as a part of why Victoria was in the bottom two, along side Akashia. Victoria also accidentally stumbled on the runway while lip-synching for her life which caused her to be the first queen to ever sashay away.

Memorable Quotes

  • I'm Victor, and my Stage Name is "Victoria "Porkchop" Parker". Victoria is very different from Victor, Victoria is very outgoing, very flirtatious, she likes to meet men, she likes to entertain, and I can do things as Victoria, that I could never get away with as Victor
  • I want a snickers!
  • I'm hungry!
  • Rupaul: "I'm getting Bette Midler, luau here." Victor: "Kinda, it's kind of a drag queen at the beach."
  • Would you fuck me? I'd fuck me.


Fun Facts

  • Victoria Parker said if she were to look like anyone, it would be Elizabeth Taylor. Elizabeth is one of her Porkchop always found Elizabeth beautiful and a fabulous diva.
  • Porkchop's Idols are Elizabeth Taylor and Bob Mackie.
  • Victoria Parker had acid thrown on her face outside a gay bar back in the late 1980s while doing impersonation. She had to be rushed to the Emergency Room in drag. Her face has never been the same. She confirmed this on the 1st episode of the show.
  • Victoria won a pageant with Erica Dunlap, the former Miss Real America.
  • Victoria won over 100 pageants, although attending over 200 of them & won over 4 National titles
  • Victoria was crowned Miss Continental Plus in 2000
  • Along with Alyssa Edwards, she appeared in the 2008 documentary, "Pageant," a film documenting five men competing in the Miss Gay America pageant.
  • Victoria is the first big girl to ever participate in the show as well as the first queen to ever be eliminated.

Follow Porkchop

  1. Victoria "Porkchop" Parker's Myspace
  2. Victoria "Porkchop" Parker's Facebook

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